Ransom Note T-ShirtsHi there! Today I am really excited to work with our partner Canon USA to share a fun method for making t-shirts using iron-on transfer paper! In the past we've made t-shirts using a font, so today I wanted to try something a little different and create text using a photo! Watch the video for full DIY instructions! 

AR5A8857 (1)I used my Canon PIXMA iP8720 for this project. Using the Canon PRINT App, I was able to send the picture from my phone straight to the printer, making it so easy!  

Don't forget! You can use this method for lots of different things—human t-shirts (OMG! a baby tee would be so cute!), a backpack or even an apron. So many gift possibilities! 

And, since I can't resist, here's a few more photos of the pups modeling their new t-shirts!!!

DIY Ransom Note T-ShirtsDIY Ransom Note T-ShirtsDIY Ransom Note T-ShirtsAs you can see, Dolly and Suki love their new shirts. They used to hate dressing up, but lately they love it. Dolly practically jumped into her shirt. Ha! I guess it makes them feel fancy! 

Thanks so much for reading! xxoo -Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Video and Music: Jeremy Larson. 

At Home with Jacki Moseley                    Today we have an extra special At Home With feature for you guys—from our very own Jacki Moseley. All you avid ABM readers probably already know Jacki as she is our Community Engagement Manager, meaning she's the sweet gal behind the Instagram, support emails, and blog comments. Jacki does SO many things at ABM that I think the whole thing would stop working without her (I'm not joking—really, she keeps the machine moving). She also has a passion for vintage, as you can tell from her Etsy shop The Paisley Suitcase. Her house is insanely adorable with too many cute details to count. So we were so, so pleased when she agreed to share her space with our ABM community. 

At Home with Jacki Moseley        Coffee table/Amazon, Wooden legs (spray painted)/Home Depot., Yellow pillow and Starburst mirror/Pier 1.

"Totally blushing right now, Emma. I'm SO excited to share my home with you guys today. I'll start with a little background info. My uncle bought this amazing early 1920s home a few years ago, and I've been renting it from him ever since. I was pretty content in my 700 square ft. apartment, but I mean... hello! Instant upgrade. I love everything vintage and old architecture makes me super happy. So this place has been an absolute dream to live in and decorate.

At Home with Jacki Moseley   "I love decorating with a lot of color so everything really stands out against the white walls. The teal couch was Elsie's, and it's by far my favorite thing in this room. I had a yellow couch before this and had WAY too much gold and brown in here. I felt really inspired to add even more colorful decor and redecorate after I replaced the couch. Sometimes that's all it takes to get in the mood to redo things!

At Home with Jacki Moseley                      At Home with Jacki Moseley      Engineer print/Staples, Vase/Target, Table/Hobby Lobby.

"If you know me, then it's pretty obvious that I'm 100% in love with my dog, Kingston. And when people know that, you receive a lot of Boston terrier gifts. I love this old book, and it's the perfect centerpiece for my coffee table. Just a note on that. I'm not the craftiest person in the world, but a can of spray paint can do wonders. :) I painted the wooden legs yellow, and I love how it looks with the couch.

At Home with Jacki Moseley                           "A common theme in my home is having keepsakes from my family around. My grandma has given me a lot of hand-me-downs over the years, like the cool wicker chair in the living room. The engineer print is an old photo of my other grandma (bottom right) and her friends. It's by far my favorite photo, and I love seeing it on the wall everyday. My family has owned an office supply store in downtown Springfield for over 70 years. I have a lot of little memories from it, like my great-grandfather's business card and other items from the original location. 

At Home with Jacki Moseley via abeautifulmess.com       At Home with Jacki Moseley                         Rug/Amazon.

At Home with Jacki Moseley via abeautifulmess.com  At Home with Jacki Moseley                At Home with Jacki Moseley via abeautifulmess.com      At Home with Jacki Moseley                     "I kept the decor pretty minimal in this room, but I love how the blue rug and bright white hutch are the main focus. It has an original flour sifter inside and it's perfect for storage. The printer's drawer was my grandma's. I used to play with the little trinkets when I was a kid! It's really fun to add to the collection when I come across them at the flea market.

At Home with Jacki Moseley    At Home with Jacki Moseley via abeautifulmess.com    Tassel garland/Love Garlands on Etsy, Fireplace screen/Amazon (painted).

At Home with Jacki Moseley  At Home with Jacki Moseley           At Home with Jacki Moseley                              "I love that I can display my favorite glassware and knick knacks in the kitchen display cabinet. I found the bar cart at my favorite flea market. The colored aluminum shot glass and shaker set is the best!

At Home with Jacki Moseley                    At Home with Jacki Moseley                 Hand towels/Amazon.

At Home with Jacki Moseley              At Home with Jacki Moseley via abeautifulmess.com     "The house is very close to its original form, but the bathroom has been renovated since I moved in. My uncle has amazing taste, and I couldn't be happier with how this room turned out. We removed the bathtub and put in a walk-in shower (showers are so necessary nowadays!), chose black and white subway tile all around, and penny tile for the floors. It really fits with the era of the home. The old medicine cabinet (found it on eBay) is great for bathroom storage and my old perfume bottle collection.  

At Home with Jacki Moseley                   Planter/Lowes.

"I kept my bedroom pretty simple, focusing on white and airy elements. I chose mint and peach as the main colors for this room based on a photo I took of the Loveless Cafe sign in Nashville. This cart was an estate sale find, and I couldn't imagine a better spot for my mom's old Dr. Seuss books. 

At Home with Jacki MoseleyMirror set/Urban Outfitters, Comforter and Rug/Amazon, Throw/Overstock (similar), Mint pillowcases/Grey and peach pillow/Target.

At Home with Jacki Moseley                  Paper lanterns, crystal drawer pulls/Amazon.

At Home with Jacki Moseley At Home with Jacki Moseley                                "Little details like this make my heart so happy. I'm still pinching myself over this home tour, so thanks so much for reading! And a special thanks to Janae Hardy for making me fall in love with this home all over again."

You can follow Jacki on Instagram and visit her Etsy shop here. xo!

Credits//Author: Jacki Moseley. Photography: Janae Hardy. 

Laura's backyard tour! Before + After (click through for more)If you are anything like me, you are all about the backyard living. Weekend hangs in lawn chairs with magazines or cocktails on the porch on a summer night are what summers are made of around here. Unfortunately, when we moved in last summer, the back porch was, well, not quite a cozy spot. It felt bare and sterile and really needed some thoughtful touches to make it feel homey and cared for. One year (and a few DIY projects later), and we finally have a back porch that we are happy to hang out on, and I wanted to share it with you today!

Laura's backyard tour! Before + After (click through for more)                   As you can see in the before photo, we also had the house painted in the last year, which made a huge difference in the overall vibe of the house. The backyard just didn't have any personality before, although it did have a Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe type lamp at the corner of the cement deck. Since I wasn't planning on meeting Mr. Tumnus there anytime soon, I was pretty happy to have that finally removed! Instead I created some outdoor patio lighting that runs off a movable pole to create more of a party feel at night.

Laura's backyard tour! Before + After (click through for more)   I love these vintage wire recliners that add to the mid-century feel. It can be hard sometimes to find outdoor vintage items in good shape, so I was happy to steal these from a friend who couldn't use them anymore (pillows are from Target).

Laura's backyard tour! Before + After (click through for more)                I wanted to create a bit of separation between the carport and the deck, so I built this trellis from a design I saw in a 60s magazine ad to keep the spaces separate while not blocking out the view of the woods. Check out the DIY post to see how much that cactus in the middle has grown just this summer—it's crazy!

Laura's backyard tour! Before + After (click through for more)Laura's backyard tour! Before + After (click through for more)      Laura's backyard tour! Before + After (click through for more)I love having these mid-century inspired outdoor planters to flank the sides of the back door steps. Those monstera plants inside are probably my favorite kind of greenery at the moment.

Laura's backyard tour! Before + After (click through for more)Laura's backyard tour! Before + After (click through for more)                  I try to do a lot of cactus and succulents outside because they always seem to thrive in the sunlight whereas their indoor counterparts usually don't last as long. Sometimes I put certain ones outside each summer just to get that growth spurt before bringing them back in each winter.

Laura's backyard tour! Before + After (click through for more)While the fan palms planted in the rock planter should be able to last the winter outside, all the other plants will have to come in until springtime. So the house is extra full of plants in the colder months (which is fine by me as it makes the indoors feel more tropical).

Laura's backyard tour! Before + After (click through for more)I've had that simple round patio table around for a few years (just a thrifting find), and while it's nothing special, I think it works well with the white metal dining chairs and pretty patio umbrella.

Laura's backyard tour! Before + After (click through for more)To create a more custom space, I painted this black and white tile pattern on the floor, and it really gives the space a pop of pattern and personality. For someone who also changes their mind a lot, a painted deck means I can repaint a new pattern whenever I get tired of the old one!

Laura's backyard tour! Before + After (click through for more)           Laura's backyard tour! Before + After (click through for more)Thanks for joining us to view a bit of our backyard setup! Lately the cooler fall nights have been perfect for stargazing and cuddling up with a drink of some sort. Hopefully we'll have a few more months of outdoor living before the Nashville winter hits! xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman

A Beautiful Mess tee shirts Emma Chapman Plant lady teeI feel so STOKED for the next few months—there's some exciting times ahead. Mainly I'll be traveling to Nashville to visit Elsie three times in the next two months. Yes, it's mostly for work-related reasons, but I guess one of the new benefits of my job is I get to visit my sister in her cool city. So I can't complain. :) The seven hour drive gives me plenty of time to catch up on all my favorite podcasts and also talk to myself like a crazy lady. Ha! But really, it just helps me process sometimes. I talk to myself when I walk our dogs around our neighborhood too, and I'm pretty sure by this point our neighbors are unsure about me. :)

I'm also really excited for a few fun things happening with ABM in the coming months. We have a big project planned for next month that involves giving back to both our communities, and we're going to get you all involved—so that should be fun. I'm also sort of interested in trying out FB Live videos. Do you guys watch those? Would you be interested in seeing us do that from time to time? Idk. 

Cute tee shirts Faux lepord purse Pastels and plant lady tee Emma of A Beautiful MessEmma's Wearing: Plant lady shirt/Oui Fresh, Collar shirt/ShopSosie, Jeans/CP Jeans, Shoes/Circus by Sam Edelman (similar), and Purse/Fossil

What about you, Sister? What's got you excited lately—other than me visiting, obviously. :) 

Exciting timesSo many exciting things going on over here! This week I am filming my first online class that is almost entirely a video class. Really excited to teach this way because it's a way I enjoy learning. 

This past year went by in such a blur, I'm excited to slow down (although this season isn't feeling very slow so far) and nest this winter. I feel equal parts business minded and homemaker minded. I want to exercise my homemaker side more, and I'm not just talking about decorating. I would really like to throw parties and have people over more often. That's something I'm excited about. OMG—and Friendsgiving! My favorite tradition is coming up very soon!! 

Jeremy and I have some exciting things going on over here (#notpregnant) that I will share with you soon!

Exciting times Exciting times Exciting times Exciting times Exciting times Elsie's Wearing: Dress/Pixie Market (similar), Sunnies/Zero UV, Bag/OuiFresh, Clogs/Swedish Hasbeens

Credits //Author: Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson. Photography: Janae Hardy and Amber Ulmer. 


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