3 beauty products I am loving     Hi, friends! Today I have a new mini series to share with you. I have been wanting to share my healthy deodorant for, like, six months. But it always felt like kind of a random thing to post about. But sharing products I truly love and use IS RANDOM. So today I am kicking off a small series of posts about the beauty products I use and love. Since I last posted about my routine (a few years ago?), I have changed out almost every product for something with less chemicals. I spent the last six months really cleaning up my beauty, bath and household products. And although it's not perfect (it never is), I am really proud of the HUGE amount of unnecessary, harmful chemicals that I cut out. 

Anyway! Here are three products I am using daily (or regularly) and loving! 

3 beauty products I am loving    The Healthy Deodorant I love this stuff. I have tried at LEAST a dozen brands in the past that did not work (sometimes it felt like I wasn't even wearing deodorant it was so bad). This stuff works, it smells good, and Jeremy and I both love it. We've been using it for about six months, and I can now say it's good enough for summer weather and fitness as well. It's less strong than something you'd buy at the drugstore, but BY FAR the best aluminum free option I've ever found. It comes in different scents, but I like "Sport Luxe". 

3 beauty products I am loving  Acure Cell Stimulating Facial Mask A classic green mask that doesn't dry your skin out. This one is new to me, and I love it! Bonus points – it's reasonably priced and you can get it at Target. 

Here's what it looks like on your skin– 

3 beauty products I am loving   Ew gross! (Kidding – I love this kind of stuff!!) 

3 beauty products I am loving Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist I love it when I find a brand that I trust and end up loving ALL their products. Herbivore is that brand for me. I initially discovered them through Moorea Seal, and now I have a massive collection and am a certified fan girl.

Anyway – about the face mist! Once you get into the routine of using a face mist (I use it when I wash or rinse my face, morning and night), it's kind of addicting. It makes me feel more awake in the mornings and ready for bed at night. Routines, man! So good. 

3 beauty products I am loving     Alright!! I hope you enjoyed my randomness. Please do let me know if you try any of these products and what you think. Also, if you have suggestions of products you love (whether for beauty, bath or home cleaning), I am very interested and would love to hear them! xx- Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions. 

Omg... Goat Cheese LogsYou can file this one under "simple ideas that make me ridiculously happy." I love goat cheese, but it's not the prettiest cheese for a cheese board. So this past weekend I tried covering three logs of goat cheese with random toppings and they came out REALLY cute! 

Omg... Goat Cheese Logs The toppings are toasted coconut, wasabi peas and unsweetened chocolate chips (to which I also drizzled honey). Sweet and savory! 

Omg... Goat Cheese Logs   Some other toppings I want to try are pan-fried rosemary, salted caramel and diced peaches. mmmmm

Omg... Goat Cheese Logs    Omg... Goat Cheese Logs     Omg... Goat Cheese Logs      Next time you're making a cheese board, try adding some goat cheese logs with fun toppings! What flavors would you choose? 

xx- Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

Progress Report- Elsie's ClosetHey, guys!!! I'm really excited to share my newest progress report with you... my closet! It's finally starting to feel really good. It's both functional and inspiring.

But first, a walk down ole memory lane– 

6a00d8358081ff69e201bb08962da0970d-piThis is the "dressing room" inside of our master bathroom space. When we first viewed the house, it was carpeted and the walls were a little bit different. We expanded the wall you see to the right just a bit to provide room for a larger bath tub. The thing I loved most about this space, originally, was the pretty door molding. 

Here's how it looks today– 

 Progress Report- Elsie's Closet We replaced the chandeliers with this fun star flush mount (painted gold, of course!). I really debated about keeping the chandeliers. I liked them, but ultimately I decided to stay committed to my mood board to maintain a unified vibe throughout the rooms. 

The acrylic frame is a DIY you can see here

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet   We updated the hardware on the closet doors with these hex knobs

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet  And we pulled the carpet up and had the floors refinished in a light white wash color. 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet    For the mirror at the end of the L-shaped closet, we replaced the folding doors with a standard door so that I could have a standing mirror. I hated to lose that pretty molding, but it was definitely the most practical place to have this mirror. So I'm glad we did it! 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet     This wall was made more useful with a little DIY magic. I'm really glad we did that. It's been helpful! 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet      This little dresser area is AMAZING. I love having a place for everything, and I am mildly obsessed with re-styling it every couple weeks. I find that the more visible things are, the more I wear them. So pretty storage like this really works for me! 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet       I found this dish on Etsy a few weeks ago. I've been on a kick collecting blush pink ceramics for all over the house. 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet         And this brass cactus is an eBay find. The perfect place to store all my gold bracelets. 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet           I found this ring dish from Suite One Studio. It's a nice place to keep earrings together. 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet            Progress Report- Elsie's Closet             This tray was a housewarming gift from a good friend. I'm swapping out sunnies on it each week. The rest are in this top drawer– 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet Makeover   Argh! I love organizing things. 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet              Pretty details that make me smile every day. 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet MakeoverAnd I finally found the perfect spot to store my flair collection, this pretty millet basket

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet Makeover Progress Report- Elsie's Closet Makeover I'm using these Lewis Dolin pulls again in this room (same as our DIY dresser). 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet Makeover      Here's a quick peek into my closet.

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet Makeover        Thanks for taking a peek at my progress!! It's definitely still a "one day at a time" thing, but this past month, I've been feeling really encouraged by the progress we've made in just eight months (or a year, depending on when you start counting). Either way!

If you're currently renovating, don't let yourself get discouraged when looking at other people's already-finished rooms. This stuff takes TIME. You're doing great!!! xx- Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

7Nothing makes me want to print out my summer vacation photos like some palm leaf scrapbook paper and acrylic pineapple cutouts! This month's Messy Box has a tropical, retro vibe with vintage colors and so many great patterns to mix and match. Since we just got back from our Florida vacation, this was the perfect set of papers and embellishments to make a few pages. 

6I could use this palm leaf print on any room in my house and be a happy girl. Kind of wishing it came in rolls! I used a single photo to show off the pattern but may add journaling to the back of the photo so I don't forget the details of when we took this one. 

53The specialty stamp set included only in this month's kit is so fun and versatile. I used the 'sweet summer' stamp in Elsie's handwriting on a photo above and did a repeat pattern using the pineapple stamp and yellow ink included in my kit to make my own patterned paper below. 

21Scrapbook Sunday-June Messy BoxThere are so many good color pairings in this kit, which makes it a great month to use up your favorites and then still have plenty to pair together with the rest of your summer photos. I also can't wait to see how everyone uses their acrylic pineapples. They are so adorable! 

Have you started printing any of your summer vacation photos yet, or are you anxiously waiting for it to get here already? -Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos Edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.


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