For a blog that is so visual, I feel like I have so many words to share today! Thank you for all your questions. I answered a good portion of them. If I didn't answer your question, it probably means that a. I already answered it in another question or b. I didn't have a good answer to share.

So, here we go......

Q: Where do you go shopping? All your fun clothes and hair accessories? I wanna know!
A: Hehe…. I do love a little shopping. I have a longtime love for thrift shops and boutiques. I also love a shopping at the mall with my family. I borrow clothes from my sister, we share and trade a lot!
Emma + elsie

Q: Here's my random question...what is your favorite emotion other than happiness? 
A. This is an interesting question. Hmm… I actually really love to be surprised. I love the feeling right before you learn something or see something new… anticipation, I suppose.

Q: hmmm... What is you favorite flavor of ice cream? the moment of truth.
A: I love Rice Dream ice cream… anything with chocolate in it. Yum!

Q: Where do you get the names for your product lines?
A: Hehe… people ask me one this a lot, and I don’t really feel like I have a great answer. I actually just choose names that I like or that I feel fit the mood or the “character” of the line I am working on. It’s one of the really fun parts!

Q: In your travels in US and other countries, what is one of or the funniest thing you've ever seen?
A: hmmm… I thought it was pretty funny in Holland how they serve mayo with French fries… yea.. I am just a silly American.

Q: I LOVE your blog!! I check on you daily :) random question: where did you fit in in high school?
A: Hmm. I was pretty shy in High School (I am still pretty shy, actually… but not nearly as much!) I guess I was sort of an art nerd… I definitely wasn’t a *cool kid*. I think being *cool* is totally's  more fun to be unique.

Q: What is your favorite Autumn (Fall) tradition or activity that you did as a kid or now?
A: Halloween!!!! I love dressing up. I love Halloween parties… pumpkins, ghost stories, fun stuff like that…

Q: if you could have a comic-book-style *superpower* what would it be?!
A: I would loooooove to be able to duplicate myself… but who wouldn’t? You could work and play and play some more all day every day!

Q: If you can choose one (famous) person to take a photo of, who would that be and why?
A: I have always thought it would be fun to take photos of Paul McCartney. He has just has such a classic look. I love his photos!

Q: Caramel apples or candied apples?
A: Carmel, please! 

Q: If your going to choose one scrapbooking -brand as your all-time favorite, and one as your favorite right now, what would it be? (You can't choose your own)
A: not even a contest... BamPop

Q: What's the one song that you just LOVE to jam to while you're driving in your car?
A: Lately I like some Hellogoodbye, “Baby it’s a Fact”. it's adorable.

Q: do you prefer solid undies or patterned undies?
A: Patterned, of course! Polka dots and stripes, please!

Q: which do you like most sour gummy worms
blue sharks?
A: Sour Gummy Worms. Oh yes!

Q: What is your perfect day?
A: Once in a while I spend the whole day painting. I love that sort of day… I also love just getting out and going to the park or flea markets or downtown for tea. It's the little things...

Q: What is your one "Go To" favorite fashion piece? A watch, a cool scarf, a pair of shoes?? What is that one amazing item that you turn to time after time?
A: I have some favorite hats that I wear when my hair isn’t too cute… they are sort of essential, once in a while.

Q: If you were to give birth to twins today- (1 boy & 1 girl) What would you name them??
A: Lola & Riley… lol… just kidding! My favorite baby names at the moment are Indie and Hugh… but they tend to change fairly often!

Q: Hey Elsie, 
In the spirit of fall and Halloween, do you think you will dress up this year? As what?
Have a great day!
A: One of my friends wants to dress up like characters from The Fifth Element… I sort of want to be the tap dancer from Tilly and the Wall though.

Q: What is your life word? The word that defines your life.
A: Evolve.

Q:This is always a fun one, especially as an ice breaker...
What was the first music concert you attended? 
I would share mine, but it is a little embarrassing.
A: Hehe…. I saw Amy Grant when I was little. I totally loved her in elementary school.

I have a question, it is a little personal. I hope you do not get mad at me. 
I miss T.J. Are you still with him?
A: This question came up quite a few times, so I will go ahead and answer it. T.J. and I are divorced. It was the hardest thing I have ever experienced. We decided together not to share any details about our divorce online. It's personal, hurtful and I appreciate your respect in that.

Currently, I am trying to just focus on learning and growing from the experience as a whole. That’s really the best I can do. I won't be scrapbooking or blogging about my divorce (ever). It's just completely outside my comfort zone. I need time to heal. Right now my life is focused on growing and moving on, but I certainly don’t regret any of the memories we shared or the scrapbook layouts I made while we were together.

Q: You broke into the scrapbooking industry in a big way, at a young age (I'm so proud and jealous!). Did you have a career before that? Or did you have career plans/goals that were outside of art & photography? Or did you just know that you'd have a livelihood in that area?
A: Before I worked in this industry I had a wedding photography business that I started at 19. I can’t see myself ever working outside of the creative industries, but never say never……

Q: if you could live any day over, and change nothing, what would it be?
A: The first day I ever saw India. Something came alive in me that day that has always lingered.

Q: do you like hedgehogs and/or gnomes?
A: I love both! Hedgies remind me of one of my very favorite artists … and gnomes remind me of Amelie, my favorite movie of all time! 

Q: Hey Elsie! What has influenced/inspired you the most in the last month or so?
A: Hmmm… music is always a big thing. I have some new albums in my ipod…. Arcade Fire, David Bazan and Jenny Lewis (look these bands up on itunes if you haven't heard them... they are amazing!)…. Also our grandma gave us an old Billy Joel cd, so we have been into him.
Being outside has been really inspiring to me lately, especially at night!
Old school fashion…Polaroid photos…staying up late… and my friend, Vanessa! She inspires me b.c she is so into her art (her band) and I LOVE being around ambitious people with big dreams, so when she comes over I always get more painting done.


Here's my question. Your life must be pretty hectic at times with all those deadlines and stuff. What does your average working day look like and have you ever experienced times that you didn't feel creative but had a deadline to meet? 
Have fun answering your questions!
A: On an average day I go running in the morning (something I started last Spring that has been a really great change in my life) and then work on whatever deadlines I have at the moment (usually making paper or epoxy stickers or something like that)…. I listen to lots of itunes while I work and I am almost always wearing a hoodie. Working at home is something I love. I sometimes work super late at night… and sometimes I try to finish by 6ish every day… it really just depends on the deadlines and what I have going on with friends. I try not to skip time with family or friends for work anymore, so that keeps me balanced and happy! There are definitely times when I have had deadlines that I wasn’t super inspired about. In times like those I take some time to get a chai at Borders and read art books or magazines or run to the mall and window shop for color inspiration… usually just taking a little break really helps! :]

Q: What do you eat for breakfast?
A: Grape-nuts, Apples and Peanut Butter, Hot Cereal or Oatmeal, Fruit… yum.

Q: Sometime ago you made a layout about a new start, after a difficult time. I'm wondering how are you doing now? On your blog everything seems fine but are you really ok?
A: Yes. I really am doing great. This past spring was a hard season in my life, but this past summer was actually really fun and refreshing... a good time full of personal growth. I honestly can’t remember a time in my life when I was so at peace and enjoying each day as much as I am right now. Thanks for asking!

Q: Music is a passion for you. Who/What is your 'All-Time' favorite music artist(s) and what song could you listen to every day all day, as in forever and ever?
A: Artists= Ben Folds, Bright Eyes, Arcade Fire

Q: I’ve been trying to scrap some of the "darker" moments I've had recently... only because I feel that scrapbooking should show all parts of a person... and am so used to trying to scrap happy stuff that it's hard to figure out the right approach. so my question is... do you scrap the bad and the good? and how do you do that when your style is so positive and fresh?
A: I don’t think there is any right or wrong. I think you need to follow your own instincts and do what makes you happy! There is really no obligation to scrap every (or any) event in your life, but if the desire is there, I say go for it! Scrapping about hard subjects isn’t really my thing, mostly because I have an art journal for that stuff. 

Q: Just curious... Any plans for a baby in your near future?
A: Haha.

Q: So, do you have plans to come out with any more idea/inspiration books?
A: Yes.. I have a new book coming out soon from Love,Elsie!

Q: What is your favorite type of....
A: Depends on the place. Love some sushi with avocados, though! Variety is what it’s all about!

Q: Early Bird or Night Owl?
A: Night.

Q: Which T.V. show premiere are you looking forward to the most this week?
A: Hehe… I totally don’t watch T.V. Just can’t fit it in. Every once in a while I love watching The Office on dvd, though!

Q: Hey Elsie, When you are taking photos with your 20D are you shooting in auto, or do you use manual settings?
A: Usually auto… unless I am shooting RAW. It’s just easier, and I am all about easy!

Q: What is your guiltiest pleasure?
A: haha... i don't know how to answer this one... i feel like i should have something really naughty to say, but i pretty much just like to indulge in sushi and betsey johnson shopping.... oh, and itunes... if buying itunes is a sin, i am going to hell for sure!

Q: Do you go looking for funky colored walls as backdrops for your photos?
A: Yep… always keeping an eye out for them. :] this is my favorite one that i recently discovered...

Q: Did you ever imagine you would make it big in the scrapbook world with such a different style than the norm? Did you ever try to change your style to fit in?
A: Hmmm… I don’t really remember having any big expectations at the time. I know I really wanted to write a book, so that was really fun and exciting! I definitely never tried to change my style to fit in, though… I do remember trying to develop my own style… something different. Fun memories!

Q: name 3 random things you've bought from a junk store recently
A: Today I stopped in a thrift store on my way home and scored 2 scarves, a pink dress and a gold flower pin!

Q: How do you protect yourself from all of the negativity in the scrapbooking industry? I think must be hard for anyone who has as much material out there as you do, since we scrap our lives. It's like peeking into our journals at times! And there are so many...haters, I guess...out there. I know you've talked a little about this in the past, but I'm wondering how your attitude has changed as you've been around for a few more years.
A: Honestly, it’s just human nature. There was a time when that stuff really made me sad, but I pretty much just don’t care anymore. I’m not going to live in fear of what people might say or assume. Especially since there is no way to control it. Most of the drama that I hear about is so lame that it’s almost funny.

Q: What is your favorite cupcake flavor?
A: Carrot & Red Velvet!

Q: I'm curious.....what does it feel like to see your personal art embellishing the personal scrapbooks of people across the globe? How do you respond emotionally?
A: It’s fun. I don’t really think of it as being “mine” when I see it on other people’s pages, though. Everyone uses it so differently, I enjoy seeing that so much!

Q: Where do you get your photos developed??
A: at home and at Sam’s.

Q: What's in your purse?
A: fortunately, nothing too embarrassing... 

Q: coffee or tea?
A: Tea, please! I don’t really drink caffeine, but for Chai I can make an exception.

Q: How many times have you been outside the US?
A: I’ve been to 7 different counties. **LOVE** to travel!

Q: what is your favorite fast food?
A: Chick-fil-A waffle fries.

Q: growing up were you always this creative or was it something that "clicked" as you got older?
A: My mom was super nurturing of all forms of creativity. She encouraged us to try lots of stuff when we were little and my siblings and I all fell in love with different forms of art as we grew up. I know I have shared this before, but she totally let me paint with her oil paints when I was a little kid. …sigh… I love my mom!

Q: What's making you the happiest right now?
A: Painting and hanging out with my sister…. There is pretty much nothing in the world that makes me that happy right now!

Q: If you were given the choice tomorrow to live anywhere in the world for one month your only requirement is to learn the art of that culture where would it be?
A: India or Mexico.

Q: What sort of enhancement did you have done to your lips? They are miles bigger than they were years ago.
A: This is hilarious! Is this a serious question? You know what…. I don’t care if it is serious or not, you get the award for my favorite question!

Q: Elsie, where is the one place that you feel most inspired?
A: Outdoors or at a really great concert.

Q: What television show was your favorite when you were a little kid? Like about 5 or 6 years old.
A: JEM! She’s truly outrageous!

Q: I have is what is it like to live a day in your life? Is it exciting, fun, adventurous? Tell us a little bit about your day to day life that we don't see!
A: hehe… you know, life IS what you make it. I have a pretty random life. Lots of work, personal projects and goals, running, hanging out with Emma and Doren and our friends, watching music videos on youtube…. I don’t know… here is a photo of what my living room looked like on Monday after a long day of making paper (don’t worry… its has since been cleaned!)


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