This is going to be a big post. so, guess what.... I'M OLD! My sister surprised me by walking in the door while i was talking to her on the phone at my family birthday dinner.... i screamed so loud that i scared my grandma! ha. 

2 34These are a few family shots from thanksgiving. I made sushi. 

5678910I moved this past week! I love my new loft. 

11 12Currently working on the Christmas tree.... can't wait to share!

1314A new face that you might be seeing every now and then.... this is my boyfriend, justin. he's pretty much the sweetest boy i know. i'm sort of shy about sharing these kinds of things... but i wanted to at least "introduce" him. i met him through his band, Flashlight Party. 

15One last thing, i took a new christmas photo for my friends' band, One Star Story this was fun.

well.... i guess that is all for now. :] i'm off to work on my PEZ ornaments! xo. Elsie


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