well, this is what my life looks like today....
1piles, boxes, to-do lists and sooo much excitement! i love the new loft so much... here are a few shots. i still have *lots* of unpacking to do....
2345(i know... these are just a bunch of photos of "stuff"... i'm saving the wide shots for when it's more lovely... don't worry. just a day or two! i made sure to get "before" pictures of every room before we painted!)
my dad is super awesome!!!! jeremy's and my parents have been so kind and helpful in setting up my new home and our new studios. i couldn't be more thankful... i think we owe them unlimited gatorade, chocolate chip cookies and dr. pepper forever and ever.  seriously. :)7
and a pretty place to rest... :)


i'm working on a home for all things gocco... i love the packaging soo much. always have had a soft spot for anything japanese... :)10this morning when i woke up i was dying to play with the gocco (moving does that to you! i always have to set up my studio *first*!!) and this is what i made.....
11a little fall print (i used aged book paper that i collected a while back from a flea market....) the back to school/fall mood in the air is so exciting to me. These prints will be extra goodies for my etsy shop orders for a little while (as long as they last... :)). making fun extra goodies for my shop orders is something i've wanted to do for a while. moving to a new home seems like the perfect time to start things like this that i've been "intending" to do. great feeling. by the way, my shop has opened again (i took a break during moving week) and i have added some new items. ACEO originals (basically little cards with original designs on them) they are SOOO much fun to create. here are a few...12
13and i finallllly got around to taking a real photo of my underwear postcard set today. i've been wanting to make a mini book (something about a week of daily life) with these....1415oooh... and one more etsy related thing. i finally finished testing new papers (i've been wanting to switch to a different paper for my prints for a little while) and found the most perfect one. Velvet fine art paper. It has the most amazing texture. Here is a photo where you can really see the texture...16in other great news, i have finally hired a new assistant and i could not be more excited!

And another thing that I have been wanting to talk about...
For the past two years I have been working exclusively for KI Memories designing the Love, Elsie product line. It was truly one of the most fun and challenging experiences in my life. Your response and support for the products were so amazing. I really had a wonderful time.
Anyway, to make a long story quite short I resigned from my position with KI this past month. I have mixed feelings about that choice. On one hand, I loved the product line (both the designing process and the actual product) and I will be very sad not to see it coming out again. It was a very fun season in my life and certainly a huge learning experience!
I have some new dreams that have been taking over my mind and heart this past year. Some things I will share very soon. I am also very excited to work independently again on projects like books, designing and occasionally some teaching.  In fact, I haven't been so excited about the projects I was currently working on since I started writing my first book. There is one project in particular that will easily be the most ambitious and challenging that I've ever taken on. I'm tempted to tell you now, but don't worry, it's not too far away!So, there is my version of bad news/good news. Goodbye to Love, Elsie.... hello to new opportunities! I feel like a new season of life has started and I am really looking forward to it!

I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate you. Each day I read so many kind comments and e-mails. Thank you. Elsie


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