it's my favorite day of the week. i just woke up from a nap & now i will share with you a few things that are making me oh-so-happy today...

1. the new Jenny Lewis album (it was a gift from Jeremy)... 123She is simply beautiful and so is the new album. i am in love.

2. This film... 4it was so funny & amazingggg. seriously.

and i am dying to see this one.

3. my friend, Jason, gave me one of these vinyl cuties...
adorable. i put him on my sewing machine!

4. I have been experimenting with new print sizes, including much larger sizes and little bitty ones like these.... 67

today i've been making reusable shopping bags (so trendy & green, oh my!) and a doll set for some friends. will share pics soon.

i've also been thinking about doing a more serious blog post this week.... for the past few years i have received e-mails weekly from aspiring artists & designers asking questions about this type of work. i am very shy about giving this type of advice, mostly because i don't feel qualified or because i am afraid that the honest answer isn't what the person would want to hear. for the past month or so i have been feeling like it might be time to talk candidly about some of these things, basically i just want to share the things that i wish i could have known when i started out. i am also asking a few of my friends who work in some soft of an art field (well, people who haven't had a normal job for several years...) to answer some of the questions too. so, if you've wondered about a career in art you might finally be hearing my 2 cents this week! :D 

for now, i am off to my parent's house for dinner. i do love sundays! xo.


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