Yay! We have all of the details for our RVA craft weekend ready for you to see Here! 

here are a few peeks: 







I am super excited about the mix of classes, workshops & fun extras we are offering! I've taught at soooo many craft events and it was so fun to finally get to help plan one. 
Here's what's unique about our event... 
*There is a great variety of art/craft projects
It's like creative overload for me, as a teacher to have freedom to teach so many different types of crafting classes in one weekend! It is my personal hope that students will get to learn more about their favorite crafts and also experience something totally new! 
*It's budget friendly 
Big time! We worked super hard to create a weekend that would be customizable for people on different budgets! We know these are tough times and we want everyone to be *able* to join us if they really want to! :) 
*It's in my hometown!!!!!
I am making everyone treasure maps of my favorite spots for shopping, eating and hanging out! I am excited that so many creative people will be gathered here for this event. :) It's a dream!
k.... for more info, look here or message emma (emma@redvelvetart.com)! Class sign ups begin Wednesday evening at 6pm CST! 

In other news.... 
-thanks you for your kind comments. i don't say that enough. i read every single comment on here & they make me so happy throughout my days! i love you, blog world. :) 

-these two pretty&mysterious kiddos are driving to my town all the way from Texas tonight to hang out with the Mr. & I, do lots of shopping & be best friends forever....

(i'm excited!)
-which leads me to my next point... i'd better clean my house & buy some pancake mix fast!!! 

-erin and i are almost finished working on all my Italy stuff it's been SO fun(i can't waittt to be there!)

-and last but not least, thank you to my darling father for hanging up my Alice in Wonderland prints for me & new shelves in my shipping room today! i couldn't do it without you! <3 

one last thing... i've been reading Handmade Nation with a vengeance this week! It's so inspiring to me to read stories of other people doing what we do (indie art/craft businesses). So so so inspiring! 
i really felt connected to something big, exciting & beautiful after reading these stories. not alone.  
this is beautiful... 

LOVE you! elsie 


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