vivianna's mug decorated with one our cute vinyl stickers.

Picture 8

the british office. oh myyyyy. we watched the whole two seasons in a couple of nights. <3 loves. 

111408seonnatour02 111408seonnatour01

Seonna Hong's House tour.

i'm a huge fan of her work from way back. her house is amazing.

here is a peek at her art too. it's magical....

Picture 14

Picture 15

Picture 16


working tonight on two new kits that will be out at the end of the month. here are a few sneak peek at some of the new glasses that are coming soon (also a restock of the classic black and red nerd glasses and more...) 

Picture 11

Picture 9

so cute, right? 

i love. 

Picture 10

i've been a little quiet this week. it's only because there is so much happening here at RVA. we are really excited about the coming season and all of the new cute stuff that we will be carrying in the shop and creating together in our class.

i am also working on new embroidery patterns this week, so if you have requests i'd love to hear them! 

XXoo. Elsie


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