i'm thrilled to say i've finally completed two huge tasks that have been weighing on my mind for several months... yay! 

1. tattoo designs. finally had time to illustrate some requested designs (full post here) that were requested a while back. i did as many as i could do well. if you are still wanting a design, feel free to use *any* of my artwork for a tattoo or for inspiration for your tattoo artist OR one of my fonts for lettering (posted a link to those here as well). here's a peek... 


i can't wait to see more tattoos with my art/designs. i am keeping a collection of photos of everyone with my art in ink here. it's truly an honor and so much fun!! :) 

2. an organized & photographed studio! i'm so excited to say that my studio is finally officially my *dream* studio. i took photos for a cute craft magazine feature, i'll be sure to share more about that when it hits stands, but here are a few sneak peeks...


do you feel like creating now? i do. i am so happy and thankful for this space! i'm also creating a whole section for eco-friendly scrapbooking. i've been thinking of new ideas constantly and am finally ready to add it back into the mix of things to create here. really excited!

oh... and just for fun, here's my wardrobe remix for the day.




someone asked yesterday what wardrobe remix is. it's a just-for-fun flickr group to post daily outfits. i find it very inspiring to see what other people are wearing and the cute trends they are inventing! it was started by Tricia Royal (her blog). she has amazing style. i've been a fan for a long time. :) hope you have a lovely day! XO. elsie 


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