so i made a few goals on my birthday and i am already getting to work on that list. here's (#11) the comic book i was working on over the weekend (in between painting & rva jobs, of course!). lot of fun to draw and make up random little stories.... 

Comic-elsie-3 Comic-elsie-2 Comic-elsie-1 i like little in between projects... for example, things i can make while we're watching project runway & dexter. mhmm. what fun projects help you relax? 


next up on my goals list must be the Children's book. it's already written & needs cute illustrations. i can't wait to show you... the story is so cute.  XO.e 

ps. If you've registered for Style School and haven't received your login email, please contact LA (la(AT)redvelvetart(DOT)com) ....a few peoples emails came back undelivered. Thanks!


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