what a fun & busy week. i am loving this Holiday season! still need to finish shopping for family, watch Elf and make a few more cute traditions come to life & i will be fully satisfied. what about you? Here are 10 brand new things that i am smitten with this week.... 

1. snowflakes.

Snowflakes2. ummm... why can't this be in my town? 


3. this is lovely. 


4. these beauties by Clare Owen

Clare-own-me-you Clare-owen-make-do-and-mendi loves them. 

5. pretty things by one of my favorite couples. [Love you Will + Erin!]

Will-lights 6. this TV Time embroidery by Moxiedoll. cute-cute-cute.

Picture 1 jeremy watched every single season of Project Runway recently & i'm so sad there are none left. leave me a fun t.v. show suggestion if you have one you think i should try. i only really love PR, The Office and MadMen. Hoping there is something else out there for me in the TV universe. ;) 

7. making itty bitty embroidered treasures for a wall display i have in mind... 


8. This new Love painting by my very talented mom

Hearts for the artsElizabeth-chapmanshe's inspiring!  

9. pretty things by softspoken

Il_430xN.107284576Il_430xN.105127730love the granny square necklace.   

10. Oh my... i loved this episode & i want this costume for my dad.... actually, how about elf hats for the whole family?! 

Dwight-elf-the-officehey blog world... I LOVE YOU. xxoo.elsie 

Photo 929ps. i'm trying one more shade of pink this week and doing a real photo shoot (yay!)... think i will dye it a different color on Christmas Eve. i love the pink, but it's super high maintenance and i never intended to keep it forever... just a fun experience on my list of random stuff i've done to show my grandkids.. ha! :) not %100 sure what color i will go for next. something more natural, for sure... so my grandma won't cry. Happy Sunday!!


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