New_girl_paintingshello! these are some recent commissioned paintings i did (for Ashley, Elin, Sandie, Branna, Maria, Lynne, Lisa and Ana Rita)... some of the cutest girls! I think it's sorta fun that you can't really tell the age of my characters... some are women and some are children. it's so fun to turn people into cartoons! i love them all the same and maybe a little bit of extra love for Branna's pug! XO.

i'm taking a little break from commissions for the rest of the week and i have a few more for next week... if you'd like one, please grab one here. i'll leave those listings up for a couple more days, but i am only doing one more round of cuties until Autumn. 

Pretty_little_thieves_arti'm so inspired by these gorgeous pieces by pretty little thieves... she's one of my all time favorite artists. 

i adore this illustration. yellow & red are pretty sweet together, if you ask me. 

Paintings_elsiei'm missing big paintings and feeling...what's a good word for 'a little crazy'... right now. i'm taking a few days off from my normal routine to focus on making fun projects, and of course... blogging. 

:) class sign ups are still available, but filling up extra quick this time. i'm so excited to share a totally different kind of class that what i've done in the past. i have really fun topics. yay! 


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