I just discovered that Mattel will be releasing doll versions of my very favorite t.v. show, Mad Men. I won't be purchasing any myself, but I think they are pretty cute! wanna see? 


here's a New York Times article. I think Joan is the cutest. I love red hair. :) 

ok, so that was random... but i just had to share it! 

what's your favorite un-morningtime-morning activity? you know, like eating pizza for breakfast? i like watching movies in the morning every now and then... XO. elsie 


isn't this chanel no.5  embroidery hoop the cutest? 


and i love these recycled vintage postcards by the same seller

good morning! i'll try to take some messy studio photos today, before i clean... it's time for that. :) have a lovely day. elsie 



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