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this is my favorite color green of all time, i think. i love it so much. there are 2 green walls and two white in my bedroom. :)  

Paint by number display

here's a small peek at my collection of vintage paint by number paintings. it's still a work-in-progress, but it's been so much fun. you can also see the pretty yellowish-green color that we painted the living room. 


records, records and more records. mine are on the top. i'm sorta picky about which ones i buy because i want them to all be special... like a family. 


and one of the best things... my new bedroom has huge windows and a ton of natural light. i realized when snapping this photo with Suki how perfect the light really is. yay! i strongly prefer natural light photos... it's so flattering and pretty compared to an on-camera flash. 



hmmm... i still have things everywhere. soon enough, everything will have it's own home. 

thanks for letting me share a little peek. XXO, els    


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