first of all, i want to say a big thank you for all of your excitement about my dad's and my pinhole camera project (post #1 here). we will be working on part 2 (a how-to-build tutorial) over the weekend! i'm so excited. the photo above is a sneak peek of our first pinhole camera after it was constructed (but before decorating it!). isn't my dad the best for being a part of such a fun and challenging D.I.Y. here?! 


a cute reader sent me the above pinhole photo, which reminded me.... did you know you can make a pinhole lens for your SLR digital camera (any camera with a removable lens)? See how here. Super cool! (my tutorial will be film, though....) 


(katie with one of my homemade lollipops!)   

Weekend goals: 

*post giveaway winners, post another giveaway, spring cleaning & donations box, hug my grandparents, take photos of Penelope all dressed up and hang these paint by number paintings on Jeremy's living room wall.... 

Vintage paint by number paintings

XOs. elsie 

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