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hello there! welcome to my pretty little home. i've only lived here a few months, but i am slowly/surely helping my boyfriend turn his former bachelor pad into our own cozy little space. this is our living room. i'm really loving the bright yellow, it has just a little hint of green. this is jeremy's vintage record player and my paint by number collection. i need to find one more tiny piece for the bottom right hand corner. 


this baby fawn cookie jar is one of my favorite 'real thrift shop' finds so far this year. it was quite a surprise. i have a lot of owl cookie jars saved up for my next shop, but this was the first fawn i've had the pleasure to meet! catherine holm enamelware is one of my recent crushes and, of course, vintage pyrex is always a favorite. i snag every piece i can at a reasonable price. still hunting a cute mid-century china hutch for my kitchen, so in the meantime these items are spread throughout my home. 


my two loves. 


mr. larson spotted this larger chair for me and the mini rocking chair is another brilliant/random summer find. it's so cute and the perfect size for miss bella. 


this is our bedroom door. mr. larson was pretty reluctant to let me paint it with chalkboard paint, but i convinced him that it would be adorable and that bella would love it! i'd like to paint all the bedroom and bathroom doors like this in the future. i love the way it looks with white walls (we have a lot of those too) and white trim. 


these are the colors in my bedroom. i'll have to share more photos in a future mini house tour (i'll probably do several in order to share the whole thing.... more fun that way!). 


we have patchwork blankets on the bed for the summer. 

in the kitchen we have my yellow formica table from my previous studio space. and here's my little make shift milk glass and tea set display. 


my thermos collection is displayed on top of our cabinets, it reaches around two walls! so much fun. 


that's all for now! thanks for peeking at my little home. elsie 


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