10 funny habits + guilty pleasures...

hi! so, i have lots of silly/embarrassing habits and guilty pleasures. i thought it would make a funny blog post. feel free to blog yours too and link them here... it's sorta fun! enjoy.... 

1. every time i try on an outfit in a dressing room i send jeremy a photo to see what he thinks... even if he's just waiting outside the room. funny habit, but i'm thankful he plays along and helps me shop. 


(poor larson....♥)

2. i almost never answer my phone (bad habit!) but will text back almost immediately. hmmm... 


3. big macs. totally love them. 


4. microwaves. i hate them. i don't own one. i will never own one. i have a very difficult time eating food that i suspect may have been microwaved. eek! 

5. obsessions.... i get super obsessed with things and collect tons. what kinds of things... hmm... in the past few there's been: pez, animal figurines, vintage dresses (is your closet supposed to be larger than a small bedroom? i didn't think so...), blythe dolls, fake glasses, floral brooches and probably lots of other silly things. ask jeremy...



6. funny bad habit... i've been forgetting to make myself a new house key copy for about.. um... 6 months. i've broken into my own window about 10 times. uh-oh! 

7. guilty pleasure movies... Mean Girls, Clueless and (the worst one...) 13 Going on 30. 

8. crazy vintage. i mean, i love pretty vintage the most... but i have a weakness for CRAZY vintage too. it's sorta irresistible. 


9. so. much. coffee. it's a beautiful thing


10. i can't stop playing with my hair... especially in nervous situations. 


Now you know all my deep dark secrets. What are yours? Confess! XO. elsie 

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