I've been looking forward to these posts since the day we started renovations. I'm so excited to share the details of what we did in the three months that we spent re-styling our new store! 

For newish readers, here's a little bit of back story... In August we purchased a large, fully stocked vintage store. It had been in business for more than 20 years under two different names (Nellie Dunn's and The Style). My sister and I started shopping at this store when I was in Jr. High. We always loved it. In high school I tried to get a job there (and every other vintage store in our town... ha!). My first local store was right across the street and we were good friends with the previous owner. It was always my dream store because the window frontage is so huge and pretty. I shopped there all the time, so it was a wonderful day in my life when the owner came over to my place and let me know that she was ready to retire and sell her store. In about a months time the details came together and we were signing the papers and getting the keys. So,that's a quick version of how we came to own the shop.

Next we gave ourselves a three month deadline to remodel, restyle and open our doors. I was in love with the inventory that we acquired (it's seriously killer and super deep), but I wanted to give the shop a new look that was more fitted to the Red Velvet demographic. Here are some before and after photos and details about our project. Enjoy! 



Within the first week Jeremy (with the help of several strong friends) moved every single piece of clothing up stairs. I wanted to start with a blank canvas and I wanted to clean and retag every item before bringing it back into the store. We deep cleaned and painted many pieces of furniture white and gave the pink walls a fresh coat of white paint. We designed a brand new floor plan and soon after that started to bring down vintage pieces. We did *so much* laundry and became experts at removing stains. Our wonderful seamstress Courtney hemmed and restored dozens of dresses for the shop. We had such a great time building displays and merchandising the shop. The display pictured above is the first thing you see when entering the store. 




I loved this display case from the moment I saw it! I knew immediately that I wanted to cover the back with vintage floral wall paper and display pretty housewares inside it. I spent an afternoon lining it and my dad cut the astroturf to line the bottom of the case (he did this for all our cases, it's so cute and a good visual connecting point between different displays).


I'll be back later today to share more from our shop makeover. Thanks for sharing this with me. XO! elsie *'after' photos by team rhodes and opening photo by float away studios.


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