Red Velvet Store Makeover Part 2


Well hello there! I'm back with part two of the before/after shop makeover series. You can see Part 1 right here. So, little known fact... We started out not totally sure that the size of makeover we wanted to do was possible in such a short amount of time. We were a little afraid that we'd get to a few weeks before the opening and be scrambling, stressed and needing to push back the date. Thankfully that didn't happen. We were done ahead of schedule and able to do finishing touches and everything. The biggest reason we got done so quickly was because Mr. Larson traded a bunch of recording time with a local band. They came in and did all of the heavy lifting over the course of several weeks (it goes so much faster with a group!). Jeremy is just finishing up their last recording session tonight. Thanks so much, Jeremy, for making this happen for us!♥ 



These two images show the pieces we used for Emma's bakery displays before painting and relining. The case we used for her cupcake display was one of my very favorites and when I saw it I immediately imagined it filled with treats! 



And here is the 'after'! We're so proud of Emma's little bakery area in the shop. It's bright and cheerful and the perfect space to enjoy a sweet treat. She used a lot of vintage floral wallpaper and fabrics to recover the inside of her case and her menu board. We painted the large shelf white and made tons of paper pom poms. We also ordered some really cute custom vinyl for her display case from Vinyl Fruit. There's a paper airplane with a little banner that says "Red Velvet", clouds and grass. In her area we also have several formica tables and an assortment of vintage chairs. 


Emma painted her plain white refrigerator with black chalkboard paint. It has a cute little handwritten note on it. I really like how it turned out, visually, and it's more functional than the plain white fridge.



This display case got a fresh coat of paint and some custom vinyl buttons (made from my hand illustrations). I keep this case stocked with cute and kitschy items from the 1960s and 70s. 

I'll share one more before and after post soon. I'm trying to track down the 'before' photo first! XXO. elsie 


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