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Our newest makeover story is about a sweetheart named Meg. I met Meg recently through Red Velvet. She's an encouraging and supportive spirit. When I learned that she was collecting vintage dresses, but not brave enough to wear them out I invited her over for a fun makeover day! Like many readers, Meg is a mom of three with a new addition. She lives in a small town and is a little bit nervous to change her style for fear of getting comments from people she sees daily. 

I really empathize with Meg's feelings and wanted to help her gain some confidence with a fun styling day and by teaching her tons of little tips for wearing vintage. So, without further ado, here is Meg's Colorful and Confident Makeover Story...


In Look One Meg is wearing a vintage housedress with a sparkly gold belt and gold heels. She's also wearing a bow and flower ring from Red Velvet. She told me that these were colors that she wouldn't normally wear, so that was fun! With each new season it's a cool opportunity to try something new. 


Meg's look is 1960s inspired! It's fun and cute. She told me that Rachel is one of her style icons, so there's a teeny bit of Rachel in there too. 


I thought Meg was so pretty in her first look. The thing that struck me is that she looked confident and happy! Feeling comfortable and pretty in whatever you wear is essential to confidence. 



In Look Two Meg wore a vintage embroidered dress from Red Velvet with a few colorful accessories. This outfit was more in her comfort zone so we played with a fun 50s inspired scarf styling! This is an easy look that could be put together in thirty minutes at home. Both outfits would be appropriate to wear on a date or to a shower or even to a picnic when paired with flats. 

After the makeover photoshoot we sat down for cupcakes and talked about styling goals. Since Meg seemed to need (and want) a "reason" to wear vintage in her daily life I gave her a fun challenge! I hope some of you will take the challenge too! I challenged Meg to wear one vintage outfit each week and take a photo for her blog. I assured her that not every piece in her outfit needed to be vintage, just one piece! She was excited to try some new styles. Thanks so much, Meg, for being a part of Makeover Story this month! 

In response to this story, I'll be posting tips for wearing vintage later this week! 

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