10 (lifestyle) blogs i enjoy...

Hi there! Yesterday I shared 10 of my favorite fashion blogs. Today I'm sharing lifestyle. I should warn you... I'm using the word "lifestyle" as a catch all. There are a couple food blogs, some DIY and some of a more personal nature. I love them all, though! Enjoy....



1. Katie's Pencil Box. I love Katie's blog and airy photography. It's beautiful and refreshing in every sense of the word. And I have to say thank you to Danielle for introducing me to this blog! 



2. Food Coma. I know I'm maybe a teeny bit biased because Emma is my sister. That said, her new blog is amazing! I mean... recipe box... need I say more? I would read her blog even if she wasn't my best friend in the whole wide world. It's good. 



3. I Go By Katie. This blog was love at first sight for me. I am very attracted to bloggers with a cohesive style and Katie is really an amazing stylist and photographer. Her blog always makes me happy and inspired to take a breather.... love. 



4. Joy The Baker. She's my other favorite food blog. Love her recipes and photo styling. She makes everything look delicious! Pretzel brownies? Yes. 


5. Honestly WTF. Some of the best DIYS and cutest style posts on the web. I really enjoy catching up with this one. 


6. Our City Lights. Another thing I am attracted to in blogs is a strong sense of self. Diana's blog has that. I don't exactly know how to describe it, but you know it when you see it. 


7. Lune. I guess that Jill is my girl crush. I love her designs and styling and all her gorgeous photos. Plus, her blog has plenty of DIYs to keep any 70s child busy. 


8. Create Loves. I met Holly though blogging four years ago and now she's one of my closest friends (see!) I think it's a wonderful story of how genuine the blogging community really can be. Beautiful!



9. The Dainty Squid. I love her. I love her. I love her! She's so cute. If you like blue hair, you'll probably love her too! 

And last, but not least...... 


10. Gala Darling. Love her. It's nice to see bloggers who really know who they are, doing what they do best! 

Hope you enjoyed my little list! It was (again) really hard to pick favorites so I'll probably post more in the near future. XO, elsie 


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