Hey Elsie, It's pretty hard to pick a favorite moment or memory from your wedding
season. And I say 'season' and not wedding 'day' because I was lucky enough to be around and be apart of all the planning and prepping leading up to the big day. It's easy to make silly jokes about how it was so busy and we had so much to do and probably went a little over budget.

Jeremy- if you're reading this, don't worry we did not go over budget. I'm just... uh... dramatizing. Yeah.

All the months leading up to your wedding are an era that I will always treasure and remember. There were days spent agonizing over which Gelato flavors to choose, watching you try on various dresses, practicing my toast speech while I was driving around running errands and watching all your other friends and family pitching in to make the wedding so special. I got the butterflies in my stomach during the rehearsal. I worried that Love Love wouldn't walk down the aisle, or worse would trip me while I walked down with him. I woke up early on the day of and set up cupcakes, got my hair done really big (thanks Holly, it was my favorite hair day ever) and at the reception caught the bouquet! I had a great time, I always do when I'm with you. But more importantly I have to admit that you and Jeremy looked like the happiest couple in the world on your wedding day, I've never seen two people more in love and more excited to start their married lives together. I'm very lucky to have you both in my life, I can't say that enough. I love you.

xo. Emma


Photos by Arrow and Apple


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