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Blog loveAs some of you know, I wrote an e-course last year on the subject of blogging! It's called Blog Love. I have loved sharing personal advice based on my experiences through that course. We get e-mails from students on a regular basis and a common subject that comes up is advertising/sponsorship. This past week Emma wrote a new session called "All About Advertising" and added it to the course. It covers common questions about starting and managing an advertising program on a blog. Emma has been managing the advertising here on A Beautiful Mess for a year and a half and so she had tons of great tips to share! Of course, there are tons of other subjects covered in the course (full list here) but I throught I'd mention the brand new bonus section. :)Public bikesIf you have already taken the course you can simply log in and see the new bonus section! If you're interested in taking the course you can purchase it here. xoxo, elsie PS. you can read some reviews here too! 


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