Style icon 2Today is an incredibly special day! For the past few years my husband, Jeremy, has been collaborating with Darren and Stacy to form a band called Sucré. Their album came out today and it's been a surreal and wonderful experience. I'm so proud of what they've created. It really is my favorite album... ever. I listen to it all the time and sharing it with you today means a lot to me. But my opinion doesn't count, does it? Why don't you just listen for yourself....

The album is also available on iTunes. It's called "A Minor Bird". Thanks for sharing this extra-special day with us! And double thanks to all of you who purchased the album today. It was fun seeing all your tweets and instagrams!! 

Well, we are taking some time to celebrate tonight and then they will be performing a ton for the next few weeks. I'm really happy to be here, cheering Jeremy along! I really can't say enough gushy things today, so I'll leave you at that... xo. Elsie 


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