Jeremy Larson Darren King Stacy King SucréFor as long as I've known Jeremy, he's supported every single adventure I've pursued. He's the most wonderful encouragement through every happy and sad time and the best companion I could ever hope for. I am so happy that this month I have the chance to support his dreams too! I'm tagging along with him on his first tour with his band, Sucré. If you live in LA, Phoenix, Houston, Austin, Dallas or Nashville then you should try to see a show! (find dates + info here) I'll be there too, cheering along my sweet husband and our dear friends Darren + Stacy. I'll be snapping photos and sipping tea and enjoying every moment... and I can't wait to meet some of you along the way! 

While I'm traveling A Beautiful Mess will be more active than ever. Em and I have prepared tons of fun articles for you and I'll be sharing weekly snapshots from our travels. I'm off to pack three weeks worth of outfits (scary!) and a bunch of blank journals too! elsie


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