Pass or Fail?

Sprocket rocket 1Hi guys... So, I recently ordered this fun little camera called a Lomography Sprocket Rocket and tested out my first few rolls of film. The results where intereresting, but not what I was hoping for. Definitely hoping for better photos in round 2. Here are a few examples... 

Sprocket rocket 2Sprocket rocket 2Sprocket rocket 2Sprocket rocket 2Sprocket rocket 2Sprocket rocket 2Sprocket rocket 2So first of all, there are no sprocket marks (you can see how the pics are supposed to look with examples here). I got this film processed at CVS, which I've been told is the only place in Springfield that does 1 hour film anymore. When I picked it up the man working the photo center told me that my film looked "old" and that he tried to fix the quality for me. Terror! Uh-oh. So anyway, that might have been part of the problem. I was also told that the film scanned may have cropped off the sprocket marks. The photos are still kinda fun, but I want to try again. Does anyone know of a good place to develop film where you can mail it in? Maybe somewhere where they are used to toy cameras would be good too! 

Thanks for letting me share my little photo fail! Hope you are all having a great day... elsie  

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