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Great photo apps for androidHey everyone! Each time I post my favorite iPhone apps I get comments asking for Android tips. My pal Sarah from Arrow & Apple Photography creates the most beautiful photos with her Android phone, so I invited her to share her tips and favorite apps with you today! Enjoy.... 

For basic shooting, I really love the using the app Camera FV-5. If you're used to controlling your exposure manually on your camera, then you'll like this app a lot. Here is what the screen looks like as you are shooting - see all of the exposure and focusing options? Love it!
Photo apps for android phones 1Okay, so the first editing app is kind of a no-brainer - I'm SO glad we finally have Instagram available for Android users! It's been a little addicting, but I love the social platform of it as well as the filters. Here are some of my Instagram faves. 
Photo apps for android phones 2My very favorite editing app is Magic Hour. Again, if you like the creative control over your photos, you'll love this app. My favorite feature of Magic Hour is being able to change your color curves in photographs and save your own filters, and you can download other people's filters as well, but don't be afraid to play with the curves! Here's an example of editing with curves in Magic Hour, and also a few photos I edited!
CurvesCurvesCurvesCurvesVignette is another app I love. My favorite functions that set the Vignette app apart are the options for light leaks as well as tilt / shift features. When you opt for your photo to have light leaks, you have no control over the leak and they're different every time, much like a real light leak! There are a lot of filter and effect combinations to play with in Vignette. It's worth spending a little time figuring out your favorite photo looks.  Here are some different looks I came up with in Vignette. 
Photo apps for android phones 6Another great photo editing app is Pixlr-o-Matic. You have a lot of light play options with this app, as well as tons of downloadable filters! Here's a few photos that I edited in Pixlr-o-Matic.
Photo apps for android phones 7And then what are photos without a few fun add-ons, right? If you'd like to add some labels to your photos, Labelbox is a fun app to use. And if you feel like being artistic, a good app that I like is Sketch-N-Draw. You can paint whatever you like over your images! 
Photo apps for android phones 8Don't be afraid to make photo cocktails! Try combining layering different apps by saving one version and then applying another filter over it. Here are three combinations I like...
Photo apps for android phones 9Photo apps for android phones 9Photo apps for android phones 9And there you are! I know there are tons of great apps out there for Android, and I encourage you to try as many as you can to find some you can create your own unique look with. :) If you follow me on Instagram (arrowandapple) I'll be posting new apps and effects that I find for us droid users as often as I can!  What android photo apps are your favorites? xo. Sarah/Arrow & Apple 
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