Heart Blanket DIY

Heart blanket DIY 1I love this blanket! I'm always looking for new ways to decorate our living room without spending too much. This design is bold, but still cute. You can make one too, here's how...

Heart blanket DIY 21. Supplies: throw blanket (we picked up a simple blanket at Target), Martha Stewart All Surface Paint, paintbrush, scissors, cardboard, and cork. 2. Begin by cutting out various shaped hearts. We made three sizes to create a gradient design. Add corks to the back to make a handle for the stamps. 3. Begin adding layers of paint to the hearts and stamping them onto the blanket.. 4. Continue stamping until you have a pretty pattern! We did a fun pattern of large, medium, and small hearts. Touch up any spots with a paintbrush. 

Heart blanket DIY 3Heart blanket DIY 4Heart blanket DIY 4I'm not the only one who likes our new blanket.... 

Heart blanket DIY 6When I walked by several hours later, this is what I found! (heart=melted)  Hope you have a lovely day! Elsie

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