Create fun felt pockets for your scrapbook or mini album with A Beautiful Mess merino wool! Get the full tutorial on www.ABeautifulMess.comWhen you get your hands on a new product that you love, it's hard not to find more and more ways to use it up, right? I'm back to share another way to incorporate the gorgeous new Merino wool felt by creating a few simple pockets for your scrapbook or mini albums. These are simple ways to add some texture and touch-ability to your album while also making space for photos or journaling spots you want to include that might not fit into traditional photo sleeves. 

Hand-Stitched Felt PocketMy first idea is to hand-stitch a piece of wool felt onto a postcard or thicker piece of card stock. The postcard I used here came from Life Love Paper and was perfect for this kind of option because it's thick enough to keep the pocket from warping but not so thick that I can't stitch through it. You could easily use a piece of chipboard covered in your favorite scrapbook paper as well. I used a 2' length of embroidery floss and an embroidery needle, tied a knot at one end of the floss, and then starting from the back of the postcard, stitched all the way around three sides as shown before tying another knot and trimming my end on the back side. To cover my knots, I covered the back side of the postcard with another piece of scrapbook paper and trimmed my edges carefully. 

Felt PocketThe next option was to cut down a photo pocket page from the Monroe photo sleeve. I added papers to the outer two squares and then stapled a piece of felt across the outside of the sleeve along three edges. This creates a side pocket for tucking larger photos in from the side that overlap with the pocket squares. I made sure to add journaling on the back of the photo because it is visible from the back, too. I stapled it on, but you could also hand-stitch or machine stitch those edges. 

Staple PocketAbove is a better image of the pocket without the photo tucked inside.

BlanketStitchFeltPocketThe third option is just as easy. Use a full sheet of the Merino wool felt and fold it in half. Then use a blanket-stitch to stitch up the sides. The wool felt is stronger and more dense than the felt you'll find at most hobby stores because it's a much higher quality. So you don't have to worry about it stretching out or losing shape easily. It was easy to punch holes through and makes for a sturdy pocket for this batch of personal photos from years ago that I want to include but don't want to reprint to fit specific photo pocket pages.

Add texture and layers with fun felt pockets. See three siple ways to add your own on www.aBeautifulMess.comI'm all about the simple add-ins that go a long way in my albums, but think of all the ways you could incorporate embroidery skills or hand cut letters and shapes onto the front of your felt pockets! Have you been experimenting with felt, too? I'd love to see how you've used it in your own scrapbooks! -Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

ABM x BonlookHey, friends! So, last year we designed a pair of glasses for Bonlook called Jack & Norma. We named them after our grandparents who have been married for more than sixty years! Those glasses come in two colors—Chai and Champagne

ABMxBonlookThis year Bonlook invited us to re-release our design in a couple new colors. I got giant boxes of samples at my house and had to weed them down to just two choices (#torture). And today I'd like to introduce you to the new Jack & Norma colors—Spaceship and Snappy

ABM x Bonlook Snappy is a super contrasty tortoise. It almost has the look of leopard. We're SUPER in love with how they turned out. 

ABM x Bonlook  Spaceship is an awesome matte mint color. I have come to the conclusion that in my world, mint is a neutral. These frames are perfect—sorta funky but not over-the-top. Ya know? 

ABM x Bonlook    Oh, and they make great sunglasses too, especially if you need prescription sunnies! Shop our new frames here! 

Sometimes our job is sorta fun. :)) xx. Elsie 

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with Color Pop from The Signature Collection

No regrets purchases and decorCan you believe that fall is almost here? August was filled with a lot of awesome things, so we thought we'd go through our favorites from the month. First on the list is our post about "no regrets" purchases and decor. So many good things in that one! 

Blueberry and spinach pizzaWatermelon slice jello shotsSmore ice cream bombsiRosemary foccacia breadHungry yet? We shared some amazing recipes like blueberry spinach pizza, spicy and stout cheese fondue, watermelon slice jello shots, s'more ice cream bombs, chicory vanilla latte, rosemary focaccia bread, white wine spritzers, and more!

Overgramming e-courseLimted edition minnetonkasABM academic agendasWe launched our latest eCourse, Overgramming, and teamed up with Minnetonka to design their limited edition moccasins—do you have a favorite? Last but not least, we launched our academic planners. And just FYI, our 2016 planners are now available!!

How to Palm Springs your homeEmmas house buying storyBrass light fixtures for any budget

Since Emma, Elsie and Laura are moving into new spaces, we're loving everything home decor right now! We showed you how to add a Palm Springs vibe to your home, Emma shared her (second) house buying story, and Elsie put together this amazing post for buying brass fixtures on any budget!

Dolly Parton bagCopper tape vase DIYLarge scale instant film displayMarbled clay pendant necklaceDIY and craft time. We showed you how to make a Dolly Parton bag (love you, Dolly!), aquarium rock planter, copper tape vase, large scale instant film display, sunburst mirror medallion, and a marbled clay pendant necklace!

September is going to be even better! -The ABM team

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 PlannerYou guys have been asking and we couldn't be more excited to announce that our 2016 Planners are now available for preorder

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner   This planner comes with three fun cover options: Rainbow Marble, #PLAN and a floral pattern designed by Lulie Wallace. They all feature gold foil, an elastic band to hold them closed in your purse, fun stickers and my favorite new addition...spiral binding! 

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner    A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner  This means that they lay flat, which I LOVE. 

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner      I specially requested gold spirals because I know how much you guys love gold! 

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner If you had our 2015 planner, the size of these is fairly similar. They're still small enough to fit comfortably in most purses (a must for me!) but the spine is just a little bit thicker. 

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner INSIDEOn the inside I did an illustration for each month, and the month tabs are color coded. 

Let's talk about the three cover designs for a minute... 

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner MARBLED  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner LULIE WALLACE  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner LULIE WALLACEEach year we try to do a variety of covers for the different personalities in our lives. Last year I seriously gave like 15 of these planners as holiday gifts—haha! Anyway, it's probably way too early to be talking about the holidays, I feel like I just said a curse word. (Forgive me?) 

Most of my friends have a very strong favorite of the three designs. But some people, like me, could go in more than one direction. Argh! These are important life choices, you guys! 

Which is your favorite?? 

  A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner    Preorder your 2016 planner now because they are limited edition and we cannot guarantee how long they will last! 

Domestic shipping is free and International has a low $5.00 flat rate! 

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments! xx- Elsie 

ps. Our academic planners are still available through this weekend if you want one to start using immediately. Stripe, #BUSY, Lulie Wallace Design. They are shipping now. 

Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial)          While we still have a lot of  "big picture" projects left to work on at our new house, there are a few spots where I can start to do the fun little filler projects. I had a big brass mirror that hung in the entryway of our last house, but it's a little too big to fit next to the door at this location so I thought I'd make a smaller mirror to fill that spot instead. I really like having a mirror near the front door so you can do a double check for lipstick smears or food in your teeth before you head out for the day or answer the door when guests arrive. What? That's never happened to you? Uh, me neither...

Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial)          Supplies:
-round pre-cut 15" circle of wood
-safety cup hooks
-gold hanging chain (you can also have them cut it to your needed length in the store, but if you have to but it online you may need small bolt cutters to cut the chain as well)
-gold spray paint
-12" round mirror
-epoxy glue

Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial)  First give the edges of your wooden board a quick coat of spray paint. Since the mirror will cover most of the middle, you just have to do the edges and the sides. Mark two locations for your cup hooks to be installed about 11" apart from each other. You can try and screw the hooks in by hand if you don't have a drill, but it's much easier to pre drill a hole and then screw the hooks in. Make sure to rotate the hooks so they have the side that opens facing outward from the mirror so the chain can't slip off.

Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial)  Use your epoxy glue to glue the mirror onto the center of the wooden circle and allow the glue to fully set.

Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial)      Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial)  In the meantime, cut your chain to whatever length looks best in your space and attach the chain ends to the cup hooks. Once the glue is set, you're ready to hang your mirror!

Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial)        Circle Chain Mirror DIY (click through for tutorial)        Pretty cute! And the other benefit is how fast you can make this mirror. I mean, the drying time for the paint and glue is much longer than the actual working time for the project, so that's a plus as well! If you're in need of other mirror DIYs, check out our gem mirror, delicate sunburst mirror, or starburst mirror—they're all so cute, you just can't go wrong! xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman. Photos edited with Stella from The Signature Collection.


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