Make Your Own Gold Barware Set! (click through for tutorial!)        One of my favorite things to collect is vintage barware, and I have a pretty good collection of gold-tinged glasses, decanters, and pitchers that actually get used when we have parties (although if you aren't sure if a vintage decanter has lead in it, just use it for decoration!). When getting a housewarming gift for a friend, I always like to try to find something that would suit them in the "playing host or hostess" category—you know, a serving tray, cute cheese knives, or a decanter and glasses set for the bar cart! Ever since last year when I saw that you can use a certain kind of gold vinyl to decorate glass, I've been wanting to try it, and I thought that making a set as a housewarming present would be the perfect time to give it a try! One way to do this sort of thing is to use a vinyl cutter, but I used two methods that don't need a cutter in case you don't have one.

Make Your Own Gold Barware Set! (click through for tutorial!)        Supplies:
-permanent gold vinyl
-set of 2 glasses
-decanter (like this or this one)
-X-Acto knife and cutting mat
-paper punch in your desired shape (I used this star one.)

Make Your Own Gold Barware Set! (click through for tutorial!)        So, the first way you can go about decorating your barware is to use a paper punch. Paper punches come in all shapes and sizes. It will punch a certain shape out of a piece of paper so you can basically use it to make a sticker out of your vinyl sheet, and they will be perfectly cut each time. I have had issues using punches before with other types of vinyl (it would get through the top sticker layer but not the heavier backing beneath), but the vinyl I linked above was pretty easy to punch all the way through.

Make Your Own Gold Barware Set! (click through for tutorial!)        If you are dealing with small decals, I find it easiest to peel the backing off with the tip of an X-Acto knife, place the sticker on the tip of the knife, and then use the knife to position the sticker in place. Makes it so much easier.

Make Your Own Gold Barware Set! (click through for tutorial!)        To do a more custom decoration on the glass or decanter, you can create a word or phrase in Photoshop (here's the file that I created for mine), flip the word so it will print backwards, and then print it onto the back of the gold vinyl (just cut a sheet of the vinyl to 8.5" x 11"). Give the ink a moment to dry, and then place a paper towel over top of it and press down to remove any excess ink from the back of the vinyl (or it will come off on your hands during the next part).

Make Your Own Gold Barware Set! (click through for tutorial!)        Use your X-Acto knife to cut out your shape and phrase letters (the thicker your letters are, the easier they are to cut out for beginner X-Acto knife users). Peel off the backing, and carefully place the sticker onto your decanter or glasses. I have the letters as negative space for my decal, but you could also just cut out each letter and make your phrase with the cut out letters.

Allow your gold decals to set for a few days before washing or handling.

Make Your Own Gold Barware Set! (click through for tutorial!)        Make Your Own Gold Barware Set! (click through for tutorial!)        Make Your Own Gold Barware Set! (click through for tutorial!)        Pretty!! You could also do a custom word or phrase (or their initials or last name) on the decanter to personalize this set for someone you know. Like vintage gold barware requires, I would suggest hand washing this set, so make sure to note that if you give this as a present. I know I love getting gold barware as a gift, so this may be the perfect housewarming present for someone that you know too! Cheers! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

September Messy Box from A Beautiful Mess. Subscribe at www.ABeautifulMess.comThis month's September Messy Box has a bit of a back-to-school theme to it, but I love that most of the kit can be used to document that excitement over blank notebooks, fresh pencils, a new succulent on your desk, and all the inspiration a girl could ask for. It's a great kit for writing those goals down on a journaling card or sharing the milestones you've already hit this year. 

September Messy Box 1I filled two of my 3" x 3" photo pocket pages with the smaller 3" x 3" cards and some Instagram photos from the last two weekends full of travel and workshops. 

September Messy Box 2September Messy Box 3GoalsI used some more ephemera in these pages than usual. I cut down a piece of vellum and then added a really narrow washi tape in a diagonal stripe pattern and decided I should use washi tape for patterns more often. It's a fun way to add something unique that doesn't take too much effort. My scrapbook mantra these days is, "Don't over think it!" 

September Messy Box 5September Messy Box 6This page has a photo strip from September 2012 when I drove up to a Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago with Elsie and another photo of Ruby's first day of school almost two years ago. They're reminders to look back and see how much we've grown but also to understand how much is still ahead of us!

September Messy Box 7I find my scrapbooking style involving a lot of pink, so I like to add in those complimentary colors that work well with it, and black and white is always a good idea. This quote I cut off of a card felt like it deserved a special spot on this page and looked great layered over another card and taped down with thin washi tape. 

What are you documenting this September? Going to school? Sending kids off to school? Starting a new job? There are so many pretty ways to share the season you're in! -Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

Autumn Reading List

You can put me down as a "bookworm" all year round, but I especially love cuddling up with a good read once the weather turns chilly—bonus points if there are freshly baked goods involved. :) So I thought it would be fun to put tougher a list of books I'm currently reading, just finished, or that are on my list to get to sometime soon (fingers crossed) in case you are in need of more book recommendations this season. 

01. Before the Fall. If you follow me on IG, then you know I recently read this book and LOVED it. It's sort of a who-done-it after a plane crash, although I wouldn't quite call it a mystery novel. It's also got some REALLY interesting side commentary on the current state of media, which is especially relevant right now as the USA (where I live) is going through a presidential election year. That's not to say it's a political book, as it's not, just a super interesting and beautiful read that feels very on-the-nose for this year. 

02. Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore has been on my to-read list for quite a while. A weird, mysterious book store is the setting—complete with a new employee who begins to discover that the store may be more than it seems. You had me at book store. :) Bonus points—the cover art is too cute. 

03. The Girls sounds a little like it might be a kind of coming of age story set in the 1960s within a cult organization. What? OK, I'm listening. This one is making it on to my to-read list for sure. 

04. I am currently listening to Rising Strong on audio CD in my car. I'v been getting little bits and pieces of Brene Brown teaching me about shame and getting up from failures for a few weeks now, and it almost feels like on-the-go therapy. I don't know if that's a good thing, but it's been pretty great to me. I randomly picked this up at the library, and although I am loving it, I realize I probably should have checked out her other books (Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfection) before this one. 

05. I forget where I first heard about The Last Boy and Girl in the World, but it sounded a little melancholy mixed with a love story—so basically the perfect novel to have a glass of wine and unwind with (maybe while wearing my Wine Teeth tee... too much?). There's just something about the premise of the book that totally appealed to me, your town is being destroyed by some kind of natural disaster so you decide to throw a big party before you have to leave forever. Intriguing, right? I think so. 

06. Modern Lovers is the book I am currently reading. I'm probably about 2/3 through the book, and I am already dreading the end because it's such a fun read, and I have gotten quite attached to many of the characters. Plus this is the kind of novel that makes me wish I lived in NYC—it's cool, guys. Read this book!

07. I will probably listen to The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo on audio book as I love to hear comedians read their books even more than I love reading them. I think Amy Schumer is hilarious and beautiful, and I absolutely LOVED Trainwreck. So, I'm excited to hear her book soon. :)

08. The night I got engaged, Trey and I saw Silver Linings Playbook. So Matthew Quick will probably always have an unfair advantage over other authors with me. But I also LOVE the characters who live in his books. They are always super quirky yet relatable, which I think is a feat to pull off as often as Quick does. For this reason, I am excited to check out Every Exquisite Thing, hopefully soon. 

09. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is about magicians, guys. Do I need to say more? I fell in love with the Harry Potter books when I was twelve, and I've been a sucker for magician protagonists ever since. Probably always will be. And I'm not sorry. :) 

Have you read any of these? Thoughts? Also, what are you guys reading this season? Also, I'm thinking about bringing back the ABM book club—you in? xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Cover art of books found via Amazon and linked throughout. 

Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial)  I've been working on our guest bathroom this past month. One of the suggestions Laura had for making a bathroom look more luxe is to get an extra long shower curtain that goes all the way to the floor. It was one of those things I never even thought about, but it made total sense! 

So for this DIY, we added macrame trim to a simple/boring curtain that was the right length. The finished result is a custom shower curtain that you can't buy in any store! 

Here's how it's done— 

Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial)
-white shower curtain (I am not sure of the exact one, but I think I found this on
-macrame lace (similar here, here, here, and here)
-fabric glue or sewing machine
-fabric scissors
-Fray Check

Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial)Cut a macrame lace strip to be just as wide as the bottom of the curtain. Pin your lace in the location you want it along the bottom of the curtain and use a ruler as you go to make sure the top of the lace is even with the bottom of the curtain.

Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial)Using a ruler again, add and pin your next line of lace, and repeat with each layer you want to add.

Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial)Use fabric glue along the top edge of each piece of lace to secure, or sew along the top line with a sewing machine.

Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial)Add some Fray Check to the ends of all your cut macrame pieces so they don't unravel, and hang up your curtain to see your finished product!

Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial) Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial) Macrame Shower Curtain DIY (click through for tutorial) I'm really excited to share this whole room with you soon. It's so close to being complete! xx -Elsie 

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Project and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

I get a little... OK, maybe a lot excited talking about lipstick. ;) I love discovering new-to-me brands and finding lines I can really get behind. The first 5 Natural Lipstick Brands You'll Love post was SO fun to curate, and since there are more and more new and exciting natural brands of lipstick available, I had to share 5 more that you need to check out if you're shopping for nontoxic, organic lipstick options. You won't be sorry. All of these have a wow factor and are so comfortable to wear! 

Fall Natural LipstickJane Iredale: Jane Iredale has several lip options, but I really enjoy the Lip Plumper line. It's infused with ginger root extract, which is supposed to increase circulation and make your lips appear fuller. While I didn't notice a difference in the fullness of my lips, I did really enjoy the slight tingle and cooling feeling it left throughout the wear. The colors are so beautiful with just a touch of shimmer and are very easy to apply. I found that this color especially was an easy "no-mirror needed" lipstick. If you enjoy the plumping/tingling type of lip products, then I think you'll really love this pick! Wearing NYC

Fall Natural Lipstick      Tata Harper: This is such a beautiful product. The green and gold packaging makes me want to display it on my vanity along with my other visually pleasing favorites. :) I've always been a huge fan of multipurpose beauty products, and I especially love that this can be worn on the lips and cheeks. Again, very easy to apply and super comfortable to wear. The scent actually reminds me a little bit of a strawberry smoothie, and I kinda love it. I love that the color I picked had a neutral vibe with a pinch of burnt orange, very appropriate for the transition of the seasons! Wearing Very Vivacious.

Fall Natural Lipstick
Beauty Counter: If you're a lover of sleek gold packaging, then this is your lipstick pick! These lipsticks have such a buttery, soft application. They are a little on the sheer side, but you can definitely build up the color. They have a natural vanilla scent that is so warm and yummy too. I'm kinda obsessed with this plumy/brown color! Wearing Raisin

Fall Natural Lipstick  Vapour: Super chic, sleek packaging and a very silky application. I love that the color is more full-coverage, and they have a great selection of colors to choose from! The scent is slightly pomegranate. Definitely one of my favorites for a night out. Wearing Bold

Fall Natural Lipstick    Kosas: This packaging really speaks to my minimalistic loving heart. I'll always be a fan of black and white. This line is definitely the most full-coverage of the bunch and really performs more like a typical lipstick, less buttery, which gives you a little more control and precision if you are wanting to spend a little more time on your application. They have 8 colors in their line, all of them totally covetable and beautiful. I love wearing a poppy red/orange color at the beginning of fall. Wearing Thrillest.

Natural Lipstick  All five of these picks are really high quality, perform beautifully and feel so comfortable to wear. Each are made with nontoxic ingredients that will leave your skin and lips super thankful! *celebration hands emoji*

I so hope you enjoyed these picks. Feel free to share some of your favorite natural and nontoxic picks too! Lots of love, Sav.

Credits//Author and Photography: Savannah Wallace. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.


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