Q: hi elsie!
my question for you is this:
what is your favorite product that you design for your Love, Elsie lines? i love your paper.

A: Thank you! There are a few products that I especially love working on... Paper is fun. These are a few of my favorites from the new Forrest collection...



I love making gel stickers too. The Love, Elsie gel stickers feel (to me) like mini collages. They are really fun to create!
The other product that I always can't waaaait to see the finished version of are the soft charms. 

Q: How many hours a day do you spend on crafting? (painting, photos, photo editing, scrapbooking, designing of new lines?) I am always wondering how you do it all- but I guess that is your "day job".
A: Yep. Well, I usually wake with something on my mind (either a deadline that I need to focus on or a new concept that I am anxious to work on...) so I will work for a few hours on that. In the afternoon I run errands and have lunch with my boyfriend. Then I work alone for a few hours (i like to work both alone and with people...must have both!). In the evenings I either work at home with Vanessa or if i am doing something portable I sometimes go to Jeremy's studio and work with him while he is recording. I *love* staying up late to create as well. Honestly, there aren't a lot of other things that occupy my time. It's busy, but it's also really really simple.
So...it probably sounds excessive to some people, but it really works for me. I guess that is the blessing and the curse of really truly loving something. It really helps that the people I am closest to love to work also and we can do it together! :D

Q: Hi Elsie - Id love to know what your favourite colour to wear is, and which are your fave pair of shoes that you own and why?! thank you!
A: my favorite color to wear (surprise!) is actually black...
and my favorite shoes are probably my cowboy boots or   blue polka dot wedge heels. 1149791217_b21c8042c3

Q: Favorite actor/actress

A: easy....

Q: When you have kids, what kinds of things will you do to encourage them to be artistic and creative?

A: I guess I imagine simple things, things that my mom and grandma did with us. Building forts, taking long walks, painting, playing dress up, watching Peter Pan and baking together. My mom encouraged my sister and brother and I during some of the most random artistic obsessions... she was really supportive of what we were into even if it wasn't something that she was really that excited about. I just remember feeling really nurtured and having a *lot* of free time. It's wonderful thinking about those memories with my family and it's exciting to imagine making memories like that with children on my own someday. very exciting!

Q: What was ONCE important to you but is not now?
A: Long term plans.
I used to have the next twenty years on my life mapped out in my mind. I guess that as life has changed I've learned that these plans really aren't as helpful as I once thought. Now I am just enjoying one thing at a time. I still have goals, but not as many plans... :)

Q: Is there anything that is art related or creative that you've wanted to try or learn to do but haven't yet done so? If so, what is it?
A: Oh my gosh, yes! I don't really know how to sew, and I love the quilts that rachel makes... i have never done a wall mural and i would love to be involved in a film project someday, in some way. so much much much....

Q: How did you first meet Mr. Larson?
A: We have a few close mutual friends. One of them was sort of trying to get us to hang out. We didn't really know each other, but one night he invited me to come work at his studio with him and it was just really nice. Our first "date" (which didn't really feel like a date at the time) was watching Juno. It was my second time to see it, but i didn't mind... :)

Q: When you posted the preview of your Neverland painting series, there was one that looked like a map of Neverland. Will the series in your Etsy store be expanded? I've been keeping an eye out for that particular print but haven't seen it yet.
A: Well, yes! :) I am doing a shop update tomorrow (Wednesday) at midnight.... that painting will be available as a print now, as well as many other new additions!
Here is a **sneak peek** of what is coming in my shop update tomorrow....
i've recently become fascinated with painting underwear. :D
and a new print set i've been working on.....

More coming soon....
xxooo. e



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