What's in my bag?,

thank you for all of the kind comments about our "things i wish i had known" post. i felt great about sharing those things after (seriously) years of contemplating them. thank you for being so kind.

a few quick shares...


the poster for Mr. Larson's upcoming show. i can hear them practicing downstairs as i type this... sooo exciting! it's going to be wonderful. 

and it's been a little while since i did one of these....

My bag

the famous "what's in my bag?"
here's my list: 
(a new one... i finished my previous one yesterday!)
-lots of pens
-flower ring
-perfume (Body by Victoria)
-fingerless mittens (thank you Vivianna!)
-utility bill :)
-nerd glasses
-to-do list
-assorted fruit flavored gum
-sunglasses x 2 

i have been stitching on this thrift shop bag (inspired by Orla Kiely). I'll share more pics when it is %100 complete!

well, i have finally had a chance to conquer a few more home decor projects. I will share pics tomorrow. this is the most inspiring place i have ever lived. i really need to share more photos of the street. it's wonderful. and i am really pleased that my loft is taking shape because this lovely one is coming to stay next week....


our friend, sarah (who jeremy often calls "the coolest girl ever"). hopefully we will take plenty of photos and do lots of thrift shopping... oh yes, and making crafts!

ok... back to work for me.
xo. els


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