my bestie sent over one of her adorable scrapbooking kits and i was so inspired to create... the autumn colors & the feathers steal my heart. here's what i made...


*sigh* i always feel so cozy after a little scrapbooking. tis the season, you know.

today rach, silje and i were supposed to be getting tattoos together. the artist was sick though so we had to reschedule for next week. i feel like i have an unexpected free day to catch up and it could not have come at a better time. i have so much to do, it's all so wonderful, but still... it will feel great to get a little bit more caught up. :) here is a peek at my studio today.... this will give you a good idea of the craziness (but also so much excitement) that is going on in my world right now....


honestly, though...i'm not even embarrassed of it. i love it. i like to wake up and walk into my studio and it looks like a crazy world of papers and paints and supplies.... it's nice to have it tidy, but it's also very inspiring to let it be out of control at time. i enjoy....:)


and another little project i started last night.... my dad helped me paint this bench white (thanks dad!!). i suddenly feel verrrrrrry anxious about completing all of my little home decor projects and feeling totally "settled in". maybe it's the coming holiday, i am not sure. i just know that i want to work on things a little bit each day until my new loft feels officially complete (even it the feeling only lasts for a little while...). this project is a lot of fun to work on. i think i am going to add a cushion and call it done as soon as the buildings are painted. :)

well, i am going back to work now. there is so much cuteness waiting to be created! early Christmas lattes for everyone! xo. els


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