I am so happy because I am finally ready to tell you about one of the exciting collaborations that I have been working on! I've been designing some vinyl wall decor with my friends from Vinyl Fruit! Lindsey & Nickie are so sweet and talented. Here is the first round of designs that we've worked on together....
a handwritten Welcome Home. I put mine on a glass door in my house (if you've never used these, they are like rub-ons and can be adhered to almost any surface!).

3and my take on the trendy vine design. i put mine on my fridge. i also put some on a vintage suitcase.


and, my personal favorite.... X marks the spot!
i loooove the concept of making a whole wall into a treasure map!

4if i had a kid i would probably make their room into a giant treasure map!! :D 


more good news.... after over three months of living in my loft i've finalllllly decorated my bedroom.
the room itself is very big (larger than any living room i've ever had) and it has 5 huge windows, which is wonderful but it's been a tricky space to make "cozy".
here are a few photos of the decorations I've been working on...

10jeremy and i found this little Christmas deer at a thrift shop. i love it.

you have no idea how much more clear my mind feels to finally have this section of my house looking cute. i had no idea it would have such a huge impact on the energy of my home. :)

12my hello kitty tree. :)
13and the pez tree. last year so many kind blog readers sent me pez. i love them so much and i am so happy to be decking my tree out with them again this year! THANK YOU!


Next up (this is a longggg post, huh?):

My Etsy shop is fully updated!
I have a few new prints....

14(i am really excited about this new series! i've had sooo much fun working on it!)
19and i've started a series of girls on 5x5 wood. there is a tiny hole for hanging. my dad cut all the wood for me (isn't he wonderful??!!).
these look like my sister...
23PS. i did a feature for the art is found this week too! :) check it out, if you like mermaid girls.... :)



24Happy Monday! xo, Elsie






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