last month when Emma & Caleb were in town he told me about a magical new Starbucks drink combination that i had never heard of.... a captain crunch frappuccino! yes, seriously. he told me that if you add toffee nut to a strawberry frappuccino it tastes exactly like captain crunch (the berry kind). i was, of course, very interested and tried one out. it was A M A Z I N Gggggg! I thought about getting another one every day after that for a week or so and I resisted it. When I told Rachel about this wonderful new treat she wanted one too and i warned her that it could turn into an obsession. Anyway... we decided a couple weeks ago to save the frappuccino until the day after our grand opening party as a celebration reward for all the long nights, hard work & general insanity that we are putting ourselves through (but all for a wonderfullll cause!!). We LOVE rewards! Brett & Jeremy are in on our plans as well.... they deserve it for all of the amazing support & encouragement.
We mention it to each other at least once a day.... "don't forget, it's all for the frappuccino!". :) I thought you would think it was cute... or maybe just really silly.
Whatever gets the job done, right?

This morning Miss Rachel and I were filmed for the local news (10pm tonight on KSPR if you live around here.....). Here are a few photos that Vanessa took...






Captain Crunch Frappuccinos for allllllllll!
Love you.


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