for the past few weeks i've been working a little bit on revamping my loft.
i took a (too long) break from any home decor projects while i was working on opening the Red Velvet shop opening. it feels SO good to have a few *home* projects going again.....1this is one of the walls in my new dressing room. i am using it to display my favorite glasses & sunglasses on vintage wooden hangers (thanks, rach! )

23organized by color. you have no idea how happy this makes me.
4and a little peek at my dresses (also organized by color). i just need to find the perfect big rug! oh, and a curtain....

ok. i need to get back to work!
TO DO list for tonight & tomorrow:
-finish cleaning & organizing studio & take photos.
-finish instruction sheets for Italy classes.
-post RVA craft weekend class descriptions & photos.
-add a few new items to the RVA site.
-help Jeremy make a cute blog banner :)



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