hey y'all.... i just wanted to drop in and show you some new stuff i've been working on for my friend, Mr. Chris Merritt. it was really fun to work on some band merch again. :D here are pics of all of the new cuteness... 

Girl-shirt shirts for girls. 

Boy-shirts and guys. 

Pandas adorable stickers. 

Stickers Posters totally rad mini posters with some of our favorite song lyrics.






and a cute little tote. 


here's a pic from my initial design in my studio. this project was a lot of fun for me to work on and a cool little change of pace.  

we might put one of his little posters in our shop next update... but i made this stuff exclusively for his upcoming show at Velour in Provo, Utah (show info here ). If you live in the Provo area you need to go see him this Friday... i wish i could go so badly. his live show is grrrreat. :) 

So, today is a million percent busy... Let's change that to a zillion percent, actually. We are planning out next RVA UPDATE for this Thursday (June 25) at 6 PM CST.

What's new? we have a cute owl kit by Emma & I, baby blankets by Rachel,new paintings, ACEOS & prints... and a few brand new items (will share peeks soon!). I'm excited. It's gonna be a cute one. 

There are lots of exciting changes going on in RVA world right now.... can't wait to share all the details. :D 


Must get back to work... i have a whole little journal full of cute ideas---ready to go! XOXO. miss.cake

PS. have been forgetting to mention: 

i did a guest Top 10 for Blogs.com.... see it here.

pretty cool! 

also, if you are interested in sponsoring A Beautiful Mess in the month of July please e-mail Leigh-Ann, LA (AT) redvelvetart.com for advertising details! 

i have a date with my e-mail boxes tonight...and, let's face it... i think we are going to be getting into a pretty serious relationship. XOXO. :D


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