i got lots of sleep last night & i feel like a new person! 

(these glasses aren't serious... i did wear them out once. but only once... ha!) 

funny story: the other day a girl at "anonymous-coffee-chain-place:D" told Jeremy she liked his glasses. but she was sort of laughing when she said it. it was awesome. she was trying to figure out if they were a joke or serious... and then she said "so, what's with those?". 

too funny. 

Photo 366 Photo 365

actually, i don't know why i'm still so obsessed with big glasses. 

Mary-kate_olsen Img_8


anyone in Utah go to the chris merritt show last night???

i was so sad not to be there!! i've only seen him play once & it was amazing. 

ok... all i wanna do this weekend is make stuff with paint, thread, fabric and vintage paper. 

3 things that make me smile today: 

this vintage paint by number Picture 2 colorful street art

Picture 3and this amazing stitched tree made with one of my embroidery patterns (link here)

Picture 4

also, as promised.... tattoo talk

(by the way... best quote from a random person of my week: "i love your tattoos, and i never say that." ha!) 

so, this is how it all started..... i designed a few tattoos and then started to get a zillion e-mails asking for designs. i'm overwhelmed, but also SO flattered. so, i've come up with a solution...more below. here's holly's tattoo... 


i love her tattoo so much. she had a dream last night for a new design. she's pretty amazing.... but i just wish she lived in my town :(. 


and here are some shots of my recent tattoos...

Elsie-by-holly Elsie-flannigan-polaroid

and one that i designed for ally.

Picture 5

also here are some tattoos that i did not design, i just think they are insanely beautiful. 

(please note: it is NOT ok to use these people's designs without permission. i am only posting them for their beauty & inspiration.) 

2069460042_a3e801014fphoto cred.

1580204857_7fa62a6265adore this style.

20439027_4651a43e39i've always wanted a space kid or a robot. this one is fantastic.

2324104659_b7d7218b58 <3 


love lisa's ship.

Picture 6 this sister tattoo is amazing.

1019926852_c06129d9ab this one isn't real, but still lovely.



Picture 8 Picture 9 Picture 10 kayla's are loooovely. 


and silje's tattoos are the most beautiful ever. 

soo.... i want to make some tattoo designs that people can use. i can't do them for every individual (unfortunately...sad face) but this is what Holly did... she took several of my paintings, designs in to her artist and had them design her tattoo with those pieces. it is %100 ok with me for people to use any of my art as tattoo designs...it's a huge honor. i only ask that you send me photos after it's done because i loveee to see them! so, if you have a design request, post it here in the comments and i'm gonna make a few new designs, words ect, that you can take to your tattoo artist if you please. 

it's an honor... so thank you so much for all of the requests! :)

one more note: i am quite aware that tattoos are not for everyone and this post is only intended for people who find them beautiful. if you have a personal aversion to tattoos in general please do not leave a comment on this post. 

Hope your weekend is wonderful!!! 

Erin & I are adding new ACEO cards to the site all day today. :D 

Loves! Elsie 

Photo 369



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