last night i stayed up till the sun was shining & got so much done. it was fun. here are a few things i couldn't wait to share...

IMG_8178 a peek at a new comic-style painting. it's huge & i'm filling one little square at a time. see.... 

IMG_8179 she should be ready in a couple weeks. i'm enjoying working on some larger pieces right now. 

and speaking of painting... i've been doing so much of it and it's still my favorite!

IMG_8175 here are a few custom paintings  that have been mailed off already.... 

IMG_7897 (for Laura) 

IMG_7894 (for Sophie) 

IMG_8146 (for Teresa) 

IMG_8149 (for Emily) 

IMG_8147 (for Ashley)

**i have several more painting for pretty ladies in progress. they'll be shipping out early next week and, don't worry, i'll share peeks here. :) these have been fun. 

Awwe. James posted some pics of their home  and these little gifts i made them... 

Aubs+james made me smile. 

i love this too... 

Kindness hmm.. what else? 

i've been testing some new prints. these will be up in the shop soon (& some more)...

IMG_8161 i've been collecting yarn like crazy. it's my current obsession. 

i love choosing the perfect colors. 


you'd think i was getting really into knitting or crochet, but no (maybe someday)... it's embroidering with yarn. here's an example of a new painted/embroidered piece. 

IMG_8154 IMG_8153 IMG_8151 lots more where this came from... these ideas have been cooking in my mind for like a year now... painting & stitching belong together!

also, did a couple pages for my scrapbook last night. 2 pages in 40 minutes... not bad. i know it's not a race but.... i like to race. 


hand cut self-adhesive foam.... here's the cute mess to prove it: 


and this one says, " Sarah and Rachel make me feel not crazy and very very loved." 

IMG_8157 (the yellow strip on the bottom is from a vintage self help book).

well, i do feel loved. 

tonight i'm planning to draw-draw-draw. make some new goods for RVA and help Vanessa out with a little project. We are going to a wedding in KC this weekend (Congrats Ryan+Rachel!!). I'm excited to have a little bit of time with my boyfriend... we've been living on separate planets this week, it seems like. Love-Love-Love. Elsie


Chris-merritt i'm designing a ton of new merch. for Chris Merritt... t-shirts, mini posters, tote bags and stickers. He's playing in Provo, Utah next weekend... I'll post details later & pics of all the designs next week. If you haven't heard him yet, listen to his music right here on the RVA site... it's my favorite. XOXO. 

pps..promise to talk about tattoos next post. keep forgetting. 


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