i love rainy days. i just do. 

there's something about cloudy, rainy, wet days that make me feel happy and thankful to work from home....

Cloudyyy in love. 

so much to share today... i've finally completed the rest of my commissions. they were each a joy to work on... i feel strangely nervous when i do commissioned paintings. a million times more than a regular spur-of-the-moment-idea painting. it's scary.... you know, a little. :) 

so it made my day (i mean week!) when i saw these photos of Emily opening the commissioned painting that her sweet mom had made for her.... 

6a00e54f77d4d18833011571fbd8a3970b 6a00e54f77d4d188330115710710d5970c-800wi 6a00e54f77d4d18833011571fbd94a970b-800wi 6a00e54f77d4d18833011571fbd983970b-800wi 6a00e54f77d4d18833011571fbd9a7970b-800wi

made my heart so happy. 

here are the new custom girls.... 


for Carrie. 


for Chunling (& Fluffie). 


For Janel. 


for Vera. 

IMG_9404 for Marjolein. 

yay!! i feel accomplished. these are shipping out in the morning with lot of treats. :D 

i won't be taking commissions for a while now because i've started production for autumn & winter RVA items (yayyy!) that need my full attention. thanks for the interest. i enjoyed painting these! 

a few red velvet peeks for today....

Cakes IMG_9395b

he! these little guys made me laugh... i guess they are probably girls....


and i added the Panda Party print  to my shop..... finally! :D 

this afternoon i spent some time with Amy & Story.... smoothies & Vintage Vice. it was niceee. she's only in town for a couple weeks, but i wish she was staying forever! 

Photo well, i'm off to finish cleaning my studio... 2 reasons... 

1. magazine feature photo shoot coming up... must tidy & add extra cuteness. 

2. tomorrow i am getting a pup! 

:))))))) XO. elsie


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