hi there. we put the most items up ever in one day today at Red Velvet! it's a crazy huge and very special update. i'll share all of my favorites with you..... 

extra pretty plush forest friends made by SleepyKing for RVA. they have *rva* stitched on the back of every single one. so adorable. 
and possibly my favorite kit ever. it's called seventies child.
all of the art is inspired by 1970s big eyed deco art like these that i found for my looovely friend James a couple weeks ago. it's a style of art that i recently started noticing on thrift shopping adventures and fell in love with. it was a lot of fun for me to make a kit using a different illustration style than usual. :) here are more samples.... 
some really big embroidery patterns... this is one of my faves. i'm stitching a tote with her, will post it when i'm done. 
and something new. i designed four full page 'color/paint' sheets. they were inspired by this amazing kids paint by number set i found from the 70s. these designs are meant to be painted, stitched and embellished. here is one of my works in progress.... 
(only, like, half finished....but you get the idea. looks like fun, huh?)
and i decorated some simple journals with the stickers that are included in the kit! 
i'm really proud of this kit. thanks for letting me share.... you can see more pics and details here.
Picture 1
this next kit is a 2010 DIY Planner kit! 
the stickers are so cute. see more here!
(note: i'll be posting my planner sample very soon, hopefully this weekend!)
(both kits are have a special discounted price until Monday! After that they will be regular price.)
and a restock of black nerd glasses and some other cute colors here.
i like these olive green ones a lot.
(whoa...already sold out)
rachel made these gorgeous leather journals for men. 
more amazing paintings by Elizabeth Chapman, my mom. I have a few more that will go up this weekend (it started raining today while we were taking pics outside!). her work is amazing. 
new ACEO girls with early Autumn themes. :) 
and the cutest brooches, tote and makeup bag from UK artist, Kate Garey.
can't decide which is my favorite... the owl or the hedgehog? 
love her work. it's *amazing* quality and looks even better in person than it did in photos (love it when that happens, right?!)
i also made some necklaces for young girls with repurposed Littlest Pet Shop toys. they are really fun to make and they are selling crazy fast. :) 
Rachel and I's Autumn Class is almost full. You can sign up on the RVA site or look here for Paypal sign up and more details! We are really thankful for the amazing response to our class. It's gonna be so much fun... only a few weeks away! :) 
also... I just need to say THANK YOU to every single person who has supported our business this past year. it's been a wonderful and very intense year. i don't want to say too much because this should be it's own post (or, like, 5) but, i am very thankful and more determined than ever to keep working to make Red Velvet a store and a community that supports and encourages real people who make beautiful things.
XO. elsie


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