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hello hello. i recently posted a few photos of a couple of photo banners i made for my store. i got tons of questions about the project, so i decided to write you a short & sweet little tutorial about how it's done. 

here are my original two. i made them with two boxes of bad polaroid film (no worries, it happens, i was refunded... but i still couldn't bear to waste the photos even though they were unexposed). 
Red_velvet_art_bannerElsie_autumn_banneri spent my weekend doing fun home projects and i decided to try making a welcome banner for my entry (at the top of my stairs) with fuji instax photos. you can try this with any instant photos (polaroids or fujis) or use of of the many free photo editing options like picnik or rollip to make your faux instant photos and then print them out at home.
for my welcome banner i used my fuji instax to take photos of random textures and pretty patterns around my home. 
IMG_2716 next, i wrote the word on the photos letter by letter. one little helpful tip i've learned is that curvy letters (S,O,G ect..) are a lot more difficult to cut out, so use a block style font if you want to avoid that. 


last step: you just use a craft knife and a cutting surface to cut out the letters by hand & ta-da! you're done! 
Welcome_tutorial i used a piece of jute string and mini clothes pins to hang the banner. here's a full shot of the entry space...
Welcome_elsie and since wasting things isn't my sin of choice, i used scraps from the welcome banner to decorate this cute little handmade card... hope you enjoy creating some photo banners yourself! 
Card_elsie XO. elsie 


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