D.I.Y. Project,

In honor of Thanksgiving, I've made you a little gift! It's a set of downloadable cupcake toppers! You can use the little speech bubbles to write things you are thankful for & the mustaches are sorta just for fun... haha!


Here's the download: Download Elsie-Cupcake (note: there are instructions on the sheet, so print out an extra for a friend & if you'd like to post this on your blog, feel free! just link it back here. XO)

Instructions: download, print (on card stock, if possible), cut out shapes, tape toothpicks to the back & add them to the tops of pretty cupcakes for a festive & quirky Thanksgiving treat! I promise to take photos of my family enjoying mine tomorrow. I haven't put them together yet, but here is a visual example for anyone who hasn't tried a cupcake toppers project before... 

Steel-magnolias-cupcakehaha! so cute. (source) You get the idea, right? ;) 

Have a happy Thanksgiving! XO. elsie 

ETA... made some cupcakes! more family photos tomorrow.... 



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