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1. Instant Photo Wreath

Here's a cute wreath made of instant photos (Fuji Instax). This project takes a total of 30 minutes. Here's how to do it... 

Wreath-instant-photo-1Elsie's-photo-wreathInstructions: Use an embroidery hoop or another circle structure and some masking tape. Layer the photos from behind and tape each photo to the hoop. Leave a small (1/2 inch) space on one part of the hoop to attach your hanging piece to. My hanging piece is a 12 inch crocheted cord that is 4 rows wide. I attached it to the wreath by stitching both ends together with embroidery thread and i covered the ends with a large vintage button. 

Wreath-2Wreath-3Wreath-instant-photo-1(this is a gift for my friend, Janae! Hope she likes it!) 

2. Instant Photo Ornaments

Instax-ornamentsPhoto-ornaments-3Instructions: Originally, I was going to use these for my entire tree. I later decided to use a larger variety of polaroid themed handmade ornaments. For these simple ornaments, just punch holes in real instant photos and string with yarn for a hanging attachment. These are cute and classic! 


3. Polaroid Cartoon Ornament

Craft-foam-polaroidInstructions: This ornament makes me smile because it looks just like a cartoon! I used white and black craft foam in the proportions of a polaroid photo, machine stitching to attach them and jumbo sized wiggle eyes for a fun effect! Note: If making a large group of these try a variety of pretty fuzzy yarns as hangers for variety. 

4. Katie's Faux Polaroid Photo Ornaments 

Polaroid-ornaments-katiePolaroid-1Polaroid-2 Polaroid-3I love Katie's pretty stitched ornaments. They are made of felt and real photos. She intentionally made them 'child safe' so her young daughter could enjoy the tradition as well! [see Katie's full tutorial for this ornament here] The ribbon hangers are adorable! 

5. Crocheted Instant Photo

Crocheted-instant-photo I wish I could write a proper crochet pattern for this ornament. I'm actually pretty new to crochet, so I haven't learned pattern writing yet. I am hoping that this one is easy enough to figure out just by looking at the photo! I crocheted the block to be the proportions of a Fuji Instax photo and stitched on a piece of dark brown felt for the photo block. The attachment is a thick piece of Lion Brand yarn. I love this one because I wanted a huge variety of different polaroid ornaments on my tree and this one adds a lot of texture! 

6. Stitched Paper Faux Polaroid Ornament


Instructions: For this ornament I used a piece of notebook paper and another layer of patterned card stock on the back (not pictured) to add durability. I stitched a real square cropped photo onto both layers of card stock with my sewing machine (the stitching can be omitted to save time if you'd like!). I used a hole punch to add the yarn. Another idea is to make a double sided faux polaroid with two different photos! 

7. Baby Polaroid Garland

Baby_pola_garlandSupplies needed: white cardstock, paper trimmer, acrylic paint/craft paint, paint brush, black marker, sewing machine


SewHung_upHung_up_two This is another great polaroid project by Katie! It's totally adorable and would look great in lots of spots around the house! 


1.  trim paper into 1 3/4 inch strips.
2.  cut the 1 3/4 inch strips into 2 1/8 inch rectangles
3.  paint a square on where the picture part would be on a polaroid4.  wait for the paint to dry fully, then using your black marker, outline the square.  if you want, you can add a cut drawing.
5.  sew them together.  wait a few seconds while keeping your sewing machine going, before sewing the next polaroid.  make sure to leave some string on either end so you can hang them easier.
6. enjoy.  :)

8. Sparkle Polaroid Cartoon Ornament

Glitter-polaroid-1Glitter-polaroid-DIYGlitter-polaroid-2This is another version of #3 with added white glitter! I don't use much glitter in my crafting projects, but the Christmas tree is the puuurfect place for it because the lights will make it even more shimmery and pretty. White glitter is my favorite, but you could also use black on the inner section of the ornament. I used spray adhesive to apply my glitter. Make sure you use something to mask the glue from the black part of your ornament (see the photo above) and don't adhere the eyes until the rest is completely dry and finished. I used glue dots to adhere the wiggle eyes. 

9. Foam Faux Photo Ornament

DIY-polaroidInstructions: Stitch a square photo onto a piece of white craft foam using a sewing machine. If you don't own a sewing machine try a stapler or hand stitching! Craft foam and felt are the perfect materials for these ornaments because they are thin (like real photos), they don't fray and they are durable so they can be handled by children. :)  PS.... this ornament makes me happy because this photo was from Jeremy and I's first ever coffee date. awwwe.

10. Crocheted Photo Garland

Photo-garland-1 Photo-garland-2 Photo-garland-3Instructions: This is a quick project that you can use for your tree, as wall decor or to decorate a mantel. Crochet or Knit a cord to the length you desire (can be much longer if you are planning to use it on your tree) This garland is three rows wide with dark red and grey yarn. I added loops at the end of mine so that is could be hung on a wall. I am planning to use mine as a decoration for my staircase! Add photos to the garland by punching small holes in the top of each with a mini hole punch and stitching them on with embroidery thread (be sure to hide your stitches on the back of the garland!). If you want something more elaborate, add little leaves or flowers made of felt! XO. 


Special Thanks you*s to miss Katie for collaborating on this post with me!! 

Hope you've enjoyed these fun little DIY Projects! Stay tuned for photos of my Christmas tree and other cute Holiday Ideas! Oh, and If you love DIY Projects and you haven't signed up yet, check out the Style School Class. It's filling up quick! I've never been so excited about a class! 

Be back soon with funny family photos from Thanksgiving. LOVELOVE, Elsie 


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