ETA: Style School registration is officially closed. If you didn't have a chance to join this class keep checking back here for info on upcoming classes in 2010! :) Love, Elsie StyleSCHOOL 

first, here are a couple more peeks at a few of my projects! 



and an adorable peek at one of LA's projects... 

Tie headband La hb gla This is a 6 week class by Elsie Flannigan and Leigh-Ann Keffer. We are teaching this class together. Rachel Denbow is also contributing 3 projects to this class (Rachel normally co-teaches my classes with me, but she is taking some time off to be with her newborn daughter for the next few months :D). There are also 10 style feature guest bloggers in who are featured throughout the class. They share style secrets and give interviews full of personal style tips! Some of our very favorite bloggers and designers are featured! take a look...

Style feature round The class will begin January 10th and run for six weeks. There are a total of 30 projects in the class that focus on style in the following areas; Art/Craft, Wardrobe, Home Decor and Life. There is also a Style File binder project that begins as soon as you register (it's the most fun 'homework' ever) and lasts throughout the entire class. It's full of fun assignments to help discover and develop your unique personal style! 

This class is hosted on a private blog and includes downloadable PDFs for all projects that require patterns and all printable worksheets for the style file. We will host 3 live chats on the private blog as well as a live video chat with Elsie and one with Leigh-Ann! 

Class fee is $60 US (or about $2 per project!).

Please note: 

When you sign up for the class you will receive login information for the private blog within 24 hours. There is already Style File Homework waiting for you there as well as a chat space for classmates to get to know each other! Plus, earlybird students receive a bonus project by pdf through email!

-This is not a kit. You will receive supply lists before the class begins. Class supplies are inexpensive, many of which you probably already own! :)

-We have a limited number of spots. We will be keeping the class small enough to communicate with each student and create a warm and personal atmosphere. 

-The sample projects that you see in these blog posts and in our ads are the only photos we will be posting to the public from the class. We keep the class projects and photos exclusive! 

Style School Project ListElsie - Leigh-Ann - RachelThroughout the Class:- 10 Style Features from Katie, Drew, Emma, Kaylah, Rachel, James, Mandi, Jill, Danielle, Holly- Weekly peeks at Elsie and Leigh-Ann's personal Style File Books! - 3 Live chats,1 video chat with Elsie and 1 video chat with Leigh-Ann.- Surprise Inspiration Bonus Posts!- A warm community feel in the "Classroom".Before Class Starts:Part One: Begin Style File: a 6 week inspiration binder to develop your personal style. You'll get everything you need to get started as soon as you register. Secret EarlyBird Bonus PDF: a bonus project by Leigh-Ann! Week 1: Jan 10 - 16Part Two. Style File: A 6 week inspiration binder to develop your personal style 1. Faux Vintage Brooch Wreath: Create the look and feel of a vintage enamel broach with everyday crafting supplies. I'll teach you to make these into an adorable all-season wreath and a brooch!2. DIY Photo Wall Art: Wall art with your favorite photos using simple DIY techniques for something truly personal and artistic... bonus photo editing tips and tricks from Elsie are included. 3. Studio Toolbelt Apron: Sew this fun and easy apron to carry your tools and favorite supplies around your waist as you create. 4. Fabric Pom-Pom Necklace: A pretty necklace made out of unexpected textiles and a fresh technique you'll use over and over again. 5. Colored Pencil Sketchbook: Create a reusable fabric cover for your favorite sketchbook with slots on the outside for your colored pencils, pens and markers!Week 2: Jan 17 - 236. Decorative Studio Inspiration Board: Make the best use of your space (small or large) by gathering inspiration on this adorable portable display.
7. Leigh-Ann's Clock Makeover: Restyle a clock to fit your space and give time new meaning!
8. Cosmetic & Hair Travel Kit with Personal Tips from Elsie: The cutest travel bag you've ever seen plus Elsie's little style secrets and a bonus Q&A session! 
9. Pet Button Collar & Leash: Your little best friend wants to get stylish too! Create a special collar and matching leash embellished with buttons to give your cat or dog a makeover that will impress everyone!
10. Favorite Quote Pillow: It can be inspiring or hilarious... a decorative pillow that expresses your style.

Week 3: Jan 24 - 30
11. Wardrobe Accessory Remix: Cute embellished panties, Mad Men inspired earrings, warm & wearable legwarmers and a vintage button necklace and bracelet. 
12. Handcarved Stamp Set & Personalized Stationary: With these cute handcarved stamps and exclusive pattern, you can make stationary & cute tags for your handmade gifts. 
13. Restyled Houseware & Accessory: Give vintage items a new life with new upcycling techniques.
14. ACEO Cards with a Collectors Pocket: Make mini art using new techniques, unique supplies and bonus patterns... plus a drawstring pouch made for your growing ACEO collection.
15. Woodland Yarn Flower Arrangement: Brighten up your workspace or create a cute centerpiece for your kitchen table with this textile floral arrangement inspired by nature.

Week 4: Jan 31 - Feb 6
16. Wooden People Family with Accessories: Create a little family that looks just like yours and display it your home or on top of a cake!
17. Rachel's Ruby-Red Display: Start a Valentine's Day tradition for the whole family with these three cool techniques for DIY Home Decor.
18. Gift Card MiniAlbum: Track your shopping trends, finds and personal style in this fun and tiny mini album made of gift cards & your favorite packaging and photos.
19. 5 Cute Car Accessories: Give your car interior an adorable and functional makeover with 5 Handmade Accessories. 
20. Upcycled Embroidered Camera Bag: Tips for shopping for a great vintage bag and reworking it to fit your own little camera setup.

Week 5: Feb 7 - 13
21. Floral Photo Garland: Photo garland with 4 tips and tricks for textile flowers. you'll create an adorable clothsline garland to keep your space fresh!
22. Textured Waistbelt Obi & Accessory Pouch: Give fabric belts a hip new life with this cool accessory that adds a lot of style to a plain outfit.
23. Chic Poetry Lamp: Choose your favorite song lyrics or poem to create a beautiful lamp for your home or office.
24. Decorative Coffee Table Art Journal: Make a pretty art journal with extra space for friends and family to add signatures, stories and drawings.
25. 3 Vintage Hairbands:  Create 3 pretty hairbands that suit your style and enhance your wardrobe using mens neckties and buttons!Week 6: Feb 14 - 2026. Pretty Bear Apron: A Panda or a Teddy Bear? Make this quirky apron to suit your style with colors that you love. 27.  Rachel's Restyled Chair:  Rachel will teach you step by step how to chose and modernize a Mid Century chair to suit your home and style.28. Magical Hanging Mobile: Mobiles aren't just for cribs, they can be super-stylish & mature and complete a room from top to bottom.29. Stitched Cardigan & Scarf: Whether you're a cute mom or a head of the glee club, everyone loves a pretty cardigan...bonus floral embroidery pattern!30. Style School Thesis: Your final project will be a decorative shadow box of your personal style at a glance. This piece will serve as a daily reminder of the style that you have worked hard to discover & develop in our six week class! 

I'm really looking forward to this! Here are a few quotes from previous student... 

"This class was life changing for me.  The inspiration that I was given helped me produce so many amazing works of art. I was crafting during ALL of my spare time and it was amazing!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!" -Janel

"Taking elsie's class has been hugely inspiring for me. I've learned a lot about myself as an artist and what i am capable of creating. Plus, it was fun to connect with Elsie fans all over the world!"  -Evan 

"Elsie's class was an adventure from the beginning, and I can't say I've ever had more fun creating in my life! She gives her heart, time, and effort to make her classes unbelievable, and her creativity is inspiring and more contagious than you could ever imagine!" -Mary-Beth

"You will regret not taking this class. It is an amazing opportunity to get a closer look into a different world that you love so much" -Mariania

Leigh-Ann came to Missouri to work with me for three weeks last Spring. She is incredibly hard working and talented! I know we make a great team, so I am very excited to teach this class with her. Her attitude is like sunshine and her style is so many kinds of adorable. I know you'll adore her!

If you have any questions, please e-mail Leigh-Ann ([email protected]). Super excited. Loveloves & Happy Monday! Elsie 


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