i have a SUPER hard time keeping up with these kind of blog 'games' but i made time to participate in one today (tagged here). if you wanna play along PLEASE do... tag, you're it! 

please note: by the time i realized this survey was pretty much for 12 year olds i was already committed. if you know that going into it it's probably more fun. ;) 

1. Where is your cell phone:at my side, duh!

2. Your hair: can be quite crazy, usually in waves. 

Picture 2 

3. Your mother:

coolest person i know. she's an amazing painter, see ....

Picture 3


4. Your father:

makes amazing jokes about aliens and ron paul...

Picture 5
and paints gourds that look like his kids and star trek characters...

Picture 7
5. Your favorite food:

sushi or indian food. yums.

6. Your dream from last night:


7. Your favorite drink:

iced vanilla lattes, apple cider, cherry limeades and  cute cocktails from Mudlounge

Picture 10

8. Your dream/goal:

to design toys, clothes, have lots of art shows and write lots of books.... i could go on, of course! 

Picture 12

9. What room are you in:

bedroom. here are a few pics...

Picture 8
Picture 9

10. What is your hobby: 

painting and making cute things. outside of the visual art universe i like collecting music, vintage and decorating my house insanely for ever season or holiday.  Oh & getting tattoos... i need to work on that soon!

Picture 14

Picture 13

11. What is your fear:

nothing that i can't remedy with my cute pink pepper spray! ;) 


12. Where were you last night:

hanging out with Vanessa. girl time! 


13. Something you are not:

an activist. 

14. Muffins:

love them even more than cupcakes. seriously! 

15. Wish list items:

more tattoos, more big canvas & i already did a b-day list so maybe i shouldn't be so selfish! :) 

16. Where did you grow up:

cute little Springfield, Missouri. home of amazing chinese food and really good vintage shopping.

17. Last thing you did:

chatted with miss erin.


18. What are you wearing:

skinnys, cardigan, polka dot shoes, headband... the usual. 

19. Your TV:

mad men. 

20. Your pets:

you mean the cutest dog in the universe? 

Picture 16
Picture 15
plus here are all my dream pets...

a fox. 

a fawn. 

a baby panda (photo stolen from leigh-ann). 

a persian kitten. 

yep, that was my favorite question so far. 

21. Your friends:

are all cute. every single one of them. 

22. Your life:

is homemade magic. 


23. Your mood:

cabin fever.

24. Missing someone:

my sister, but that's nothing new. 

Picture 17 

25. Vehicle:



26. Something you’re not wearing:


27. Your favorite store:

the style. 

Picture 18

28. Your favorite color:

i can't commit. maybe one of these? 


29. When’s the last time you laughed:

today, i guess. HA HA 

30. When’s the last time you cried:


31. Your best friend:

i'll give you one clue.... it's a boy. 

Picture 19 

32. One place you go over and over:

craft store. like every day-ish. 

33. One person who emails me regularly:

Rachel. actually, we think it's faster than the phone. ha!

Picture 11

34. Favorite place to eat:

Picture 20

35. Where do you want to be in 6 years:

that question always makes me feel weird. i guess i just hope that i'll be loving my work and dreaming new dreams just like i am right now. to me, that is the dream. moving on..... 

i love you! XO. elsie 


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