D.I.Y. Project,

hello there. i hope your gift giving list is shrinking by the day! but just in case you still have a few people on your list (wink!) i've put together 10 adorable handmade gifts for under $10 each. i'll be posting them all in the next two days! most are made with easy to find supplies that you may already have at home.  

Owl iPod/iPhone cozy: 

IMG_4521 isn't she a cutie?! here's how to make her... 

IMG_45151. first you need to crochet or knit a rectangle the size of your phone. it will be stretchy and you want your phone to have a snug fit in the cozy, so don't make it too large. use your phone/iPod as a template. if you don't know how to crochet/knit you can also use a piece of thick wool felt as your 'face'.   

2. cut white and dark brown or black felt into circles for the eyes. stitch them on with matching colors of embroidery floss. center the dot in the middle of the eye. 

Elsie-owl-step23. stitch over the top part of the eye with yarn (use the same color as your initial rectangle) to give your owl eyelids. use dark brown or black embroidery floss to stitch eyelashes on your owl. NOTE: don't stress about having threads showing on the back of your owl because they will be hidden inside when you attach the back. 

4. add embroidery with white (or a contrasting color) yarn to give the owl a forehead and nose. 

Elsie-owl-step35. add embroidery to the bottom portion of the owl in a 'rainbow' shape. 

Elsie-owl-step46. cut a piece of thick wool felt to match the owl face. hand stitch the two together (the owl's face should be facing the inside, you will turn in inside out in a bit...) 

Elsie-owl-step57. once your pieces are securely stitched together turn your cozy inside out! ta-da... you've made something cute. :) 

Elsie-owl-phone-cozy8. you can add a little bow, wings, a hat or glasses. 

Elsie-owl-iPhoneElsie+owli know who i'm giving mine to, but i'm not telling. ;) 

Hope you have the loveliest day... hot chocolate for everyone. XO. Elsie 

ps. if you'd like to use my DIY images on your blog, feel free! just please link back here. :)    


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