HiHiHi.... I'm excited to share 10 new things that i have a little crush on. 3-2-1, ready-set&GO! 

1. Betsey Johnson's insanely pink and beautiful home. i love it and i love it and i love it... again. 


2. underwater photography.  

Underwater_photograhy[photo source one and two

I'm so excited. I purchased this inexpensive little made-for-underwater Lomo camera to play with when we are in Hawaii. has anyone tried one of these before? I can't wait to play around with it. I love $10 plastic cameras to death! 

Picture 4 3. This dress. I almost bought it for my 'someday soonish wedding', but someone else grabbed it first. I'm sure they will look gorgeous in it & i think i am going to go for something a little bit less fancy anyway. still a dream dress though... totally! :D

Il_430xN.103290049Il_430xN.103290202sigh. so pretties. if you are curious, i found it in this Etsy shop. she always has the most beautiful 1950s and 1960s dresses.       

4. Jill's adorable grandpa scarf head warmer tutorial. I want to make one, just need to find the perfect grandpa scarf. :)) 

DIY-scarf-head-warmer-tutorial5. This amazing mod cabin. In love!

Mod_cabin6. shoes....... and most of all really cute ones like these: 

Vivienne_westwooodDr.martens_rosesDesigner_wedge_heels7. the beautiful music. i made a teeny-tiny playlist (well, it's only two songs) of my two favorite songs of this past week. give 'em a listen. ;) [note: if you are international and you can't listen to the playlist the songs are Horchata by Vampire Weekend and God Only Knows by The Beach Boys]


8. as if i need another collection (haha), i'd love to collect these: 

Aqua_phone_vintage[photo source]  

9. and i am completely crazy about these tights.... does anyone know who makes them? i want some... badly. 

Amanda-pratt-2 10. and last but now least..... this dress from All-Mighty is to die for! CUUUUTE! i wanna adopt a Boston Terrier someday. I think Suki would like that idea. I love ALL flat faced dogs and even flat faced kittens. :))

Picture 5Lovies!!! :) Elsie 


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