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Snow_hat_DIY hello there. i have a cute DIY project to share with you today! i've had some snowy days here in Missouri lately and i decided to make a cute hat for the cold weather. this pattern can be modified to fit anyone in your family and even your pup! here are the hats i made... 

Hat_tutorial_suppliessupplies needed: yarn (i like the ultra thick Lion Brand yarn for my adult sized hats and regular yarn for the puppy/doll versions), white yarn for the pom-pom, white embroidery thread, a crochet hook (i like to use larger hooks to speed of up the process!) NOTE: you can easily convert this to a knitting or sewing project, if you would like, scissors and a pom-pom maker (mine is made by Clover & i love it! you can also make them without a tool here's how).

Step_1step 1: measure around your head (or the head of the person you are making it for) from jawbone to jawbone.

Snow_hat_step_2step two: crochet a rectangle the length of your measurement. make it wide enough to fit like a 'bonnet' on your head when you hold one side together. this width will be slightly different for every hat, so do as many fittings as you need to to get it just right. to make this a sewing project, simply cut a rectangle of felt or fleece to fit these measurements (double layers would be even cuter!). 

Step_3step 3: stitch up one side of your rectangle (to create the 'bonnet' shape) and turn it inside out. 

Pom_pom_tutorialStep 4: making pom-poms is easy as pie. simply wrap both sides of the plastic pieces with yarn, cut the yarn around the shape and tie them together with a piece of embroidery floss in a matching color (i prefer to use embroidery floss over yarn because it's easier to get a super tight knot!). trim the stray pieces and ta-da! 

Step_5step 5: stitch your pom-pom to the top point of your hat. use 3-5 stitches to make it extra secure. 

Step_6Step 6: cut two pieces of yarn at least 36 inches (you might want it longer if you plan to tie your strings in a bow). fold them in half and tie them to the edge of one side of your hat. braid the pieces, knot the bottom. 

Cute_hat_DIY there are lots of ways to customize your hat and give it personal touches! you can sew pom-poms to the ends of your ties or use a button closure at the neck instead of ties. here are a few more photos of my finished products.... 

Hat_3 Dog_hat Hat_elsieSnow_hat_lula Puppy_hatIMG_4843Just_for_fun Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Happy crafting! XO. elsiecake                


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