Vintage_enamel_broochwe searched and searched and finally found the most adorable little vintage store in OKC. it's called Bohemian Spirit Vintage. i'll definitely visit again one of these days...  

Vintage_1Vintage_2Vintage_3Vintage_4Vintage_5 Vintage_6 Vintage_scorpioVintage-jeremy&sarahReindeersNew-yearsit was such a fun time with mr. larson, trey and sarah. welcome to a new year.... i have so many hopes and dreams to share! oh yes, and i purchased two dresses, two ties for mr.L and some other cute stuff at this vintage shop that i'll share pics of soon. Happy Saturday! XOXO. elsie  ps. OH YES... and i even got to meet a cute blog reader at this store (hi holly!) so fun.       


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