hi pals! here are 10 brand new things that i absolutely adore! xoxo

Vintage purse
1. this gorgeous vintage clutch. it's perfect. (photo source)  

  Picture 2
2. it's no surprise that i'm in love with this photo

Orla kiely bag
3. Orla Kiely. again and again and again! she's amazing. when i saw peeks of her autumn/winter collection today on Mandy's blog i think i squealed a little bit! 

Orla kiely autumn winter 2010
Orla kiely shoes
i love her spring/summer collection too! the colors are perfect. here are my favorite items... 

Orla kiely spring summer 2010
Orla kiely sunglasses spring summer 2010
4. my boyfriend already blogged this... Wayne Coyne's amazing house. there are so many reasons why i looove him! [thank you, suzanne, for the link!]

Fabric dottie angel
5. this gorgeous fabric collection. sigh.... 

Mod big eye print
6. this adorable little print. so sweet. 

Zombie attack
7. best construction sign ever? y e p.

Heart candy keyboard
8. yes, please.   

9. buttons by eva juliet

Plush hotdog
Plush hamburger
10. and these very adorable (vegan friendly!) plushies by mypapercrane. i'm dreaming of sleeping on a sea of plush food... that would be fun, right?

well, there you have it! 10 things that tickle my fancy this week. :) scroll down to see a DIY jr. i have some very exciting announcements to make this week! XOXO. elsiecake        


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